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Aint Quotes

Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy? It's not for the faint of heart, for once you embark upon your journey there's no turning back until Zathura's reached
- said by Wally in Zathura

A poet with no poems, a painter with no pictures, a musician with no music [is that a slightly cynical representation?]
- said by Fredrik in Through A Glass Darkly

All I see when I look at your paintings is just that you paint too fast. [to Van Gogh, as you do]
- said by Gauguin in Lust For Life

Although, so far there's no known treatment for death's crippling effects, still everyone can acquaint himself with the three early warning signs of death: one, rigour mortis; two, a rotting smell; three, occasional drowsiness.
- said by Anon in Kentucky Fried Movie

Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be cut up into 198 pieces. Those pieces will be stamped on until what is left can be used only to paint walls.
- said by Don Lope De Aguirre in Aguirre - The Wrath Of God

Catherine, an artist may paint a thousand canvasses before achieving a work of art, would you deny a lover the same practice?
- said by Don Juan in Adventures Of Don Juan

Here in the emperor's palace dare you draw and maintain such a quarrel openly?
- said by Aaron in Titus

Here in the untainted cradle of the heavens will be created a new super race, a race of perfect physical specimens
- said by Hugo Drax in Moonraker

How can I be expected to maintain the character when you belittle me in front of those hooligans?
- said by Holmes in Without A Clue

I don't think anyone expected such a painting to be unveiled in this way
- said by Cora in Stars And Bars

I just can't understand a man fiddling away his time just painting things. Of course he did shovel some snow to pay part of last month's rent.
- said by Jekes in Portrait Of Jennie

I pretty much invented modern art, and I do weird abstract paintings even though I could paint totally realistic if I wanted to
- said by Jerome in Art School Confidential

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Reverend Hale.
- said by Jerusha in Hawaii

If I had the ability to foretell the future, perhaps I would have bet on a painted horse. [stop talking in riddles would you sheik!]
- said by Riyadh in Hidalgo

If I'm gonna forgive Bubba you can forgive Jim. Compared to Bubba Jim's a saint.
- said by Betsy in Private School

If you work within constraints and rules you will never get where you want to be
- said by Charlie in That Was Then This Is Now

Life as a painter is notoriously difficult and certainly not for those who require a stable life
- said by Ashley in October

Little cat, little cat, why do you look so blue? Did somebody paint you to look like that, or is it your birthday, too?
- said by Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy

Oh boy, the bigger they are the dopier they come [aint that the truth gidget!]
- said by Gidget in Gidget

Old paint on canvas – as it ages – sometimes becomes transparent.
- said by in Julia