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Question Quotes

Can you be a nymphomaniac and never had sex? [good question Thomas!]
- said by Thomas in Amateur

A crowd is easier to control than an individual. A crowd has a common purpose. The purpose of the individual is always in question. [a deep insight there]
- said by Doc in Kafka

Ally, I'm the one who's supposed to ask the questions!
- said by Sue Barker in Question Of Sport

Are we supposed to fly that close to the mountains? [if you ask that question you probably already know the answer!]
- said by Federico in Alive

Are you ready to sign the papers today? [now that is a question that has us on the edge of our watching seats]
- said by Buvovsky in Gulag

Because you don't know the answer to that question, I pity you.
- said by Colonel Dax in Paths Of Glory

Beyond reasonable doubt; well when you ask that question is there anything that is beyond reasonable doubt?
- said by in Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Can I have my husband back now? [honestly what an unreasonable question!]
- said by Blondie in Kansas City

Can I just ask a question that no-one else seems to have - what on earth is a 'Poppa' supposed to be?
- said by Gordon in Where's Poppa

Dad, can you really screw someone to death? [weird question there Mick!]
- said by Michael in Body Of Evidence

Do you always answer a question with a question? Do you always date your best friend's girlfriend?
- said by Jonathon And Susan in Carnal Knowledge

Don't you dare to question the truth of what I say - you will find out soon enough it is true.
- said by Vicki in Touch Of Class

Each person who tries to see beyond his own time must face questions to which there cannot be absolute answers. [and even those who look at their own time face the same, felecia, do you not think?]
- said by Felecia in Illustrated Man

Gang buster? What does a gang buster do? [did he really ask that question, incredible!]
- said by Rich in Gang Busters

Have you ever been witness to a crime? Then you have a hard question to answer: get embroiled in a potentially messy criminal act, or walk away, keep the knowledge to yourself and live a peaceful life - if you can live with yourself for walking away
- said by Narrator in Eye Witness

Hippy mother? Now the question is, whether that description is a compliment or an insult!
- said by Julia in Hideous Kinky

His book is called My Brother Pissed On Me. Is that a metaphor or did he really piss on you? [good question there Bill!]
- said by Bill Maher in Edtv

How can you be sick? You're dead [now that is a very perceptive question and a good one at that too]
- said by Jack in Heart Condition

How do you know you're not just as filthy and sent by him to nick the ring by being filthy when you have lulled us with your filthy eastern ways? [now that is a deeply philosophical question there John]
- said by John in Help

How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew? [a fair question]
- said by Ernesto in Motorcycle Gang