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Wrong Quotes

"My name's J Lyle,they call me wild,it's alright,Kenyon's mom tonight. You might think im wrong, but she's got these thongs."
- said by Jason Lyle in Coach Carter

...Is the wrong answer!
- said by Angus Deayton in Have I Got News For You?

A ninja doesn't kill. He eliminates and only for defensive purposes. [cole you got it wrong, bud]
- said by Cole in Enter The Ninja

A wedding is a very big event but it is also very stressful and a great many things can go horribly wrong!
- said by Buffy in A Wedding

All these men around and then he takes an interest in me, I know an affair is wrong
- said by Roxy in Summer Heat

Always let me be your first port of call no matter where you are or what has gone wrong
- said by Ted Jackson in Port Of Call

An affair is exciting and great precisely because it feels so wrong
- said by Steve Mason in Holiday Affair

As though there was something wrong with his heart or his lungs
- said by Helen in Lost Weekend

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright so that God may love thee. Speak the truth, always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.
- said by Godfrey Of Ibelin in Kingdom Of Heaven

Because of you I have the chance to make a wrong thing right. I thank you for that.
- said by Maria in Captain America

Boys do you think there's something wrong with ten thousand people seeing us doing this and taking pictures?
- said by Bubbles in Trailer Park Boys The Movie

Can someone tell me what's going on here? Am I in the wrong place, or are these the auditions for the Ice Capades?
- said by Hockey Coach in Vice Versa

Coming home is fantastic, but when you go out with the wrong person, well...
- said by Joseph Canfield in Our Hospitality

Even the best laid plans can go wrong sometimes, surely by now you might have been able to realise the truth of that?
- said by in Best Laid Plans

Even the trees wouldn't grow if they had a choice! [well they do have a choice and they do grow so you are wrong there yvette]
- said by Yvette in Indochine

Have you ever wondered, if just possibly, everything we see around us is one big experiment that is about to go horribly wrong performed by a super race?
- said by Narrator in Experiment

He couldn't get his judges appointed. He had trouble getting his legislation passed, and he lost Republican control of the Senate. His approval ratings in the polls began to sink. He was already beginning to look like a lame duck president. With everything going wrong, he did what any of us would do. He went... on vacation.
- said by Narrator in Fahrenheit 9/11

Hey having an older brother has its perks sometimes doesn't it, like protection when you do something wrong!
- said by The Kid in Kid Brother

Hey it doesn't matter, we miss and hit the wrong people all the time!
- said by Pilot in Hell In The Pacific

I am married to an older woman but there is nothing wrong with that!
- said by Bora in I Even Met Happy Gypsies