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Da Hong Deng Long Gao Gao Gua quotes

Dad quotes

Dad's Army quotes
Brilliant comedy series about some less than able soldiers during the war....
Daddy Long Legs quotes

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters quotes

Dakota quotes

Damage quotes

Dames quotes

Damien Omen 2 quotes

Damn Yankees quotes

Dance Fools Dance quotes

Dance Girl Dance quotes

Dance With A Stranger quotes

Dance With Me quotes

Dancer In The Dark quotes

Dances With Wolves quotes

Dancin' Thru The Dark quotes

Dancing In The Dark quotes

Danger Diabolik quotes

Dangerous quotes

Dangerous Curves quotes

Dangerous Game quotes

Dangerous Ground quotes

Dangerous Liaisons quotes

Dangerous Liasions quotes

Dangerous Minds quotes

Dangerous When Wet quotes

Daniel quotes

Daniel Boone quotes

Danny Boy quotes

Dante's Inferno quotes

Daredevil quotes
Another superhero tale, this guy was blinded by toxic waste which strangely...
Dark City quotes

Dark Command quotes

Dark Eyes quotes

Dark Harbour quotes

Dark Horse quotes

Dark Of The Sun quotes

Dark Passage quotes

Dark Star quotes

Dark Victory quotes

Dark Water quotes

Darkman quotes

Darling quotes

Daryl quotes

Das Boot quotes
Classic film about a German WWII warboat.
Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari quotes

Date Movie quotes

Dave quotes

Dave Chappelle's Block Party quotes

David Copperfield quotes

Dawn Of The Dead quotes
Classic horror tale, and some disease that makes people undead and walking...
Day For Night quotes

Day In The Country quotes

Day Of The Animals quotes

Day Of The Dolphin quotes

Day Of The Evil Gun quotes

Day Of The Triffids quotes

Day Of Wrath quotes

Day One quotes

Daylight quotes

Days Of Being Wild quotes

Days Of Glory quotes

Days Of Heaven quotes

Days Of Thunder quotes

Days Of Wine And Roses quotes

Dazed And Confused quotes

Dead Again quotes

Dead Alive quotes

Dead And Buried quotes

Dead Bang quotes

Dead Calm quotes

Dead End quotes

Dead In The Water quotes

Dead Man quotes

Dead Man On Campus quotes

Dead Man Out quotes

Dead Man Walking quotes

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid quotes

Dead Of Night quotes

Dead Of Winter quotes

Dead Or Alive quotes

Dead Poets Society quotes
The story of an English professor who makes the subject of poetry really come...
Dead President's quotes

Dead Reckoning quotes

Dead Ringer quotes

Dead Ringers quotes

Dead Zone quotes

Deadline At Dawn quotes

Deadly Bees quotes

Deadly Friend quotes

Deadly Game quotes

Deadly Mantis quotes

Deadly Pursuit quotes

Deadly Weapons quotes

Deal Of The Century quotes

Dear Frankie quotes

Dear God quotes

Dear Heart quotes

Dear Wife quotes

Death Becomes Her quotes

Death By Hanging quotes

Death In Venice quotes

Death Of A Gunfighter quotes

Death Of A Salesman quotes

Death On The Nile quotes

Death Warrant quotes

Death Wish quotes

Death Wish 2 quotes

Deathtrap quotes

Deceived quotes

Deception quotes

Decision At Sundown quotes

Deck The Halls quotes

Deconstructing Harry quotes

Deep Blue Sea quotes

Deep Cover quotes

Deep End quotes

Deep Impact quotes

Deep In My Heart quotes

Deep Space quotes

Deer Hunter quotes

Defending Your Life quotes

Defenseless quotes

Defiant Ones quotes

Deja Vu quotes

Delicatessen quotes

Delirious quotes

Deliverance quotes

Delusion quotes

Demetrius And The Gladiators quotes

Demolition Man quotes

Demon Seed quotes

Dennis The Menace quotes

Der Golem quotes

Der Himmel Über Berlin quotes

Derailed quotes

Deranged quotes

Descending Angel quotes

Desert Bloom quotes

Desert Hearts quotes

Designing Woman quotes

Desire quotes

Desiree quotes

Desk Set quotes

Desperado quotes

Desperate Hours quotes

Desperate Housewives quotes
Popular American show, featuring the ups and downs of the daily lives of a...
Desperate Journey quotes

Desperately Seeking Susan quotes

Destination Moon quotes

Destination Tokyo quotes

Destroy All Monsters quotes

Destroyer quotes

Destry Rides Again quotes

Det Sjunde Inseglet quotes

Detective quotes

Detective Story quotes

Detour quotes

Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo quotes

Devil At 4 O'clock quotes

Devil Bat's Daughter quotes

Devil Girl From Mars quotes

Devil In A Blue Dress quotes

Devil's Advocate quotes

Devils quotes

Devotion quotes

Dhoom 2 quotes

Diabolique quotes

Dial M For Murder quotes

Diamonds Are Forever quotes

Diane quotes

Diary Of A Chambermaid quotes

Diary Of A Country Priest quotes

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman quotes

Diary Of A Madman quotes

Diary Of Anne Frank quotes

Dick quotes

Dick Tracy quotes

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome quotes

Dick Tracy's Dilemma quotes

Die Another Day quotes

Die Die My Darling quotes

Die Hard quotes
American cop, John McClane (Bruce Willis) decides its payback time with regard...
Die Hard 2 quotes

Die Hard 2 Die Harder quotes

Die Hard With A Vengeance quotes

Die Hard: With A Vengeance quotes

Die Niebelungen quotes

Die Xue Shuang Xiong quotes

Different For Girls quotes

Diggstown quotes

Digimon quotes

Dillinger quotes

Dimples quotes

Diner quotes

Dinner At Eight quotes

Dinosaurus quotes

Dirty Dancing quotes
A girl falls in love with the camp dancing teacher
Dirty Dozen quotes

Dirty Harry quotes
A cop has little interest in following rules and regs...
Dirty Harry The Dead Pool quotes

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry quotes

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels quotes

Dirty Tricks quotes

Dirty Week End quotes

Disclosure quotes

Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeosie quotes

Dishonored quotes

Disorderly Orderly quotes

Disorganized Crime quotes

Disraeli quotes

Distant Thunder quotes

District B13 quotes

Disturbing Behavior quotes

Diva quotes

Divorce American Style quotes

Divorcing Jack quotes

Do The Right Thing quotes

Doc quotes

Doc Hollywood quotes

Doc Savage quotes

Doctor At Sea quotes

Doctor Detroit quotes

Doctor Dolittle quotes
The classic story of the doctor who can listen to what animals are saying......
Doctor Dolittle 2 quotes

Doctor Faustus quotes

Doctor In The House quotes

Doctor No quotes

Doctor Zhivago quotes
A Russian poet come doctor falls for an activist's wife. Sounds interesting...
Doctors Wives quotes

Dodge City quotes

Dodgeball quotes
A group of misfits enter a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in order to save...
Dodsworth quotes

Dog Day Afternoon quotes

Dog Eat Dog quotes

Dog Soldiers quotes

Dogfight quotes

Dogma quotes
Two renegade angels are causing a bit of a stir down on earth...
Dogpound Shuffle quotes

Dogs In Space quotes

Dogs Of War quotes

Dogville quotes
A woman is on the run from a mob. Accepted into a small town, she agrees to...
Doin' Time On Planet Earth quotes

Doll Face quotes

Dollars quotes

Dolores Claiborne quotes

Dominick And Eugene quotes

Domino quotes

Domino Principle quotes

Don quotes

Don Juan quotes

Don Juan Demarco quotes

Don Juan Demarco quotes

Don Quixote quotes

Don't Bother To Knock quotes

Don't Drink The Water quotes

Don't Look Back quotes

Don't Look Now quotes

Don't Talk To Strangers quotes

Don't Tell Her It's Me quotes

Donne Darko quotes
A highschool student commits violent acts.
Donnie Brasco quotes

Donovan's Reef quotes

Donovans Brain quotes

Doogal quotes

Doom quotes

Dorian Gray quotes

Double Dynamite quotes

Double Impact quotes

Double Indemnity quotes
Fraud involving an insurance rep, perish the thought...
Double Jeopardy quotes

Double Murder quotes

Double Trouble quotes

Double Vision quotes

Double Wedding quotes

Doubting Thomas quotes

Down And Dirty quotes

Down And Out In Beverly Hills quotes

Down By Law quotes

Down Periscope quotes

Down To Earth quotes

Down To You quotes

Downfall quotes

Downtown quotes

Dr Cyclops quotes

Dr Dolittle quotes

Dr Dolittle 2 quotes

Dr Giggles quotes

Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine quotes

Dr Heckyl And Mr Hype quotes

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde quotes

Dr No quotes

Dr Phibes Rises Again quotes

Dr Strangelove quotes
A mad general raises the spectre of muclear holocaust...
Dr T And The Women quotes

Dr Terror's House Of Horrors quotes

Dr Zhivago quotes

Dracula quotes

Dracula AD 1972 quotes

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave quotes

Dracula Prince Of Darkness quotes

Dracula Vs Frankenstein quotes

Dracula's Daughter quotes

Dragnet quotes

Dragonheart quotes

Dragonslayer quotes

Dream A Little Dream quotes

Dream Lover quotes

Dream Team quotes

Dreamcatcher quotes

Dreamer Inspired By A True Story quotes

Dreamgirls quotes

Dreams quotes

Dreamscape quotes

Dressed To Kill quotes

Dresser quotes

Driftwood quotes

Driven quotes

Driving Miss Daisy quotes

Drop Dead Fred quotes

Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes

Drop The Dead Donkey quotes
Hilarious comedy show about working in a dynamic news environment.
Drop Zone quotes

Drugstore Cowboy quotes

Drums quotes

Dry Cleaning quotes

Dubarry Was A Lady quotes

Duchess Of Idaho quotes

Duck Soup quotes

Dude, Wheres My Car? quotes
Amusing comedic aboke two potheads and what happens after a night of...
Duel quotes

Duel At Diablo quotes

Duel In The Sun quotes

Duellists quotes

Duet For One quotes

Duets quotes

Duffy quotes

Dumb And Dumber quotes
Two very stupid friends travel cross country...
Dumbo quotes

Dune quotes

Dungeons And Dragons quotes

Dunston Checks In quotes

Dying Room Only quotes

Dying Young quotes

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