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Pacific Heights quotes

Packin It In quotes

Pagan Love Song quotes

Paheli quotes

Paint It Black quotes

Paint Your Wagon quotes

Pair Of Aces quotes

Paisan quotes

Pal Joey quotes

Pale Rider quotes

Paleface quotes

Palm Springs Weekend quotes

Palooka quotes

Palookaville quotes

Pan's Labyrinth quotes

Pancho Villa quotes

Pandemonium quotes

Pandora's Box quotes

Pane E Cioccolata quotes

Panic In Needle Park quotes

Panic In The Streets quotes

Panic Room quotes

Papas Delicate Condition quotes

Paper Chase quotes

Paper Lion quotes

Paper Man quotes

Paper Moon quotes

Paperhouse quotes

Papillon quotes

Paradise quotes

Paradise Alley quotes

Parallax View quotes

Parallel Lives quotes

Pardon Us quotes

Parent Trap quotes

Parenthood quotes

Parents quotes

Paris Blues quotes

Paris France quotes

Paris Is Burning quotes

Paris Texas quotes

Paris Trout quotes

Paris When It Sizzles quotes

Park Is Mine quotes

Parrish quotes

Partizan quotes

Partners quotes

Party Girl quotes

Party Line quotes

Pass The Ammo quotes

Passage To India quotes

Passage To Marseille quotes

Passed Away quotes

Passenger quotes

Passion Fish quotes

Passion Flower quotes

Passion For Danger quotes

Passion Of Anna quotes

Passion Of Joan Of Arc quotes

Passion Of The Christ quotes

Patch Adams quotes

Patch Of Blue quotes

Paternity quotes

Pather Panchali quotes

Pathfinder quotes

Paths Of Glory quotes
Classic war film featuring WWI soldiers.
Patriot Games quotes
A CIA analyst is targetted by a renegade IRA faction...
Patterns quotes

Patti Rocks quotes

Patton quotes

Pauline At The Beach quotes

Pawnbroker quotes

Pay It Forward quotes

Payback quotes

Peaceful Warrior quotes

Peacemaker quotes

Pearl Harbor quotes

Peck's Bad Boy quotes

Pecker quotes

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure quotes

Peeping Tom quotes

Peggy Sue Got Married quotes

Peking Opera Blues quotes

Pelle The Conqueror quotes

Pennies From Heaven quotes

Penny Princess quotes

Penny Serenade quotes

People Under The Stairs quotes

People Will Talk quotes

Pepe Le Moko quotes

Perfect quotes

Perfect Furlough quotes

Perfect Harmony quotes

Perfect Strangers quotes

Perfectly Normal quotes

Performance quotes

Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer quotes

Perfumed Nightmare quotes

Perils Of Pauline quotes

Period Of Adjustment quotes

Permanent Midnight quotes

Permanent Record quotes

Permission To Kill quotes

Persona quotes

Personal Best quotes

Personal Property quotes

Persuasion quotes

Pet Sematary quotes

Pet Sematary Two quotes

Pete Kelly's Blues quotes

Pete N Tillie quotes

Pete's Dragon quotes

Peter Gunn quotes

Peter Ibbetson quotes

Peter Pan quotes
The classic story about Peter Pan, Never Never Land and the dastardly Hook...
Peter's Friends quotes

Petrified Forest quotes

Petulia quotes

Peyton Place quotes

Phaedra quotes

Phantasm quotes

Phantom quotes

Phantom Chariot quotes

Phantom Of Chinatown quotes

Phantom Of Liberty quotes

Phantom Of The Rue Morgue quotes

Phar Lap quotes

Phase Iv quotes

Phat Girlz quotes

Phenomenon quotes

Philadelphia quotes

Philadelphia Experiment quotes

Philadelphia Story quotes

Phone Booth quotes

Phone Call From A Stranger quotes

Photographing Fairies quotes

Physical Evidence quotes

Pi quotes
The universal patterns of nature and a number....
Piano quotes

Pick A Star quotes

Pickpocket quotes

Pickup On South Street quotes

Pickwick Papers quotes

Picnic quotes

Picture Of Dorian Gray quotes

Picture Perfect quotes

Pie In The Sky quotes

Piece Of The Action quotes

Pieces Of Dream's quotes

Pierrot Le Fou quotes

Pillow Talk quotes

Pin Up Girl quotes

Pink Cadillac quotes

Pink Flamingos quotes

Pink Floyd-The Wall quotes

Pink Jungle quotes

Pink Panther quotes

Pink Panther Strikes Again quotes

Pinocchio quotes

Pipe Dreams quotes

Pippi Longstocking quotes

Piranha quotes

Pirates quotes

Pirates Of The Caribbean quotes
Enjoyable film of pirates and maidens, featuring Johnny Depp as the lovable...
Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest quotes

Pitch Black quotes
Space travellers are trying their best to survive... poor them...
Pitfall quotes

Pixote quotes

Place In The Sun quotes

Places In The Heart quotes

Plain Clothes quotes

Plainsman quotes

Planes Trains And Automobiles quotes

Planet Earth quotes

Planet Of The Apes quotes

Plastic Nightmare quotes

Platinum Blonde quotes

Platinum High School quotes

Platoon quotes
The dilemma facing a new recruit in Vietnam.
Play Dirty quotes

Play It Again Sam quotes

Play Misty For Me quotes

Player quotes

Players quotes

Playing By Heart quotes

Playing For Time quotes

Playing With Fire quotes

Playmaker quotes

Playtime quotes

Plaza Suite quotes

Pleasantville quotes
Two young people find themselves in a 1950's sitcom - as you do of course -...
Please Don't Eat The Daisies quotes

Pleasure Palace quotes

Plenty quotes

Plot Against Harry quotes

Plunder Road quotes

Plunkett & Macleane quotes

Pocahontas quotes
The romantic story that is Pocahontas told in this fun animation...
Pocket Money quotes

Poetic Justice quotes

Point Blank quotes

Point Break quotes

Point Of No Return quotes

Poison Ivy quotes

Pokemon 2 quotes

Pokemon 3 The Movie quotes

Polar Express quotes

Police Academy quotes

Police Academy 2 quotes

Police Academy 6 City Under Siege quotes

Police Academy Mission To Moscow quotes

Police Academy What An Institution quotes

Police Squad quotes

Police Squad II quotes

Polish Wedding quotes

Pollyanna quotes

Poltergeist quotes

Poltergeist 2 quotes

Polyester quotes

Ponette quotes

Pontiac Moon quotes

Pony Express quotes

Pooh's Heffalump Movie quotes

Pop Corn quotes

Pope Joan quotes

Pope Of Greenwich Village quotes

Popeye quotes

Popi quotes

Pork Chop Hill quotes

Porkys quotes

Porkys Revenge quotes

Port Djema quotes

Port Of Call quotes

Port Of New York quotes

Portnoy's Complaint quotes

Portrait In Black quotes

Portrait Of A Lady quotes

Portrait Of Jennie quotes

Poseidon quotes

Posse quotes

Possessed quotes

Possession quotes

Postcards From The Edge quotes

Postman quotes

Postman Always Rings Twice quotes

Pot O Gold quotes

Powder quotes

Powderkeg quotes

Power quotes

Power Of Attorney quotes

Powwow Highway quotes

Practical Magic quotes

Prancer quotes

Pratical Magic quotes

Predator quotes
An extra-terrestrial warrior is on the rampage...
Predator 2 quotes

Prelude To A Kiss quotes

Premature Burial quotes

Presenting Lily Mars quotes

Pressure Point quotes

Presumed Innocent quotes

Pret A Porter quotes

Pretty Baby quotes

Pretty In Pink quotes

Pretty Poison quotes

Pretty Woman quotes
A man who needs an escort falls in love with a beautiful prostitute...
Prêt-À-Porter quotes

Priceless Beauty quotes

Pride And Prejudice quotes

Priest quotes

Primal Fear quotes

Primary Colors quotes

Prime quotes

Prime Cut quotes

Prime Suspect quotes

Prime Target quotes

Prince Of Bel Air quotes

Prince Of Darkness quotes

Prince Of The City quotes

Prince Of Tides quotes

Prince Valiant quotes

Princess Bride quotes

Princess Caraboo quotes

Princesses quotes

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert quotes

Prison quotes

Prisoner Of Honor quotes

Prisoner Of The Second Avenue quotes

Prisoner Of Zenda quotes

Private Benjamin quotes

Private Buckaroo quotes

Private Eyes quotes

Private Hell 36 quotes

Private Life Of Henry VIII quotes

Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes quotes

Private Lives quotes

Private Parts quotes

Private Resort quotes

Private School quotes

Privates On Parade quotes

Prize Fighter quotes

Prizzi's Honor quotes

Probe quotes

Problem Child quotes

Prodigal quotes

Proefkonijnen quotes

Project X quotes

Prom Night quotes

Promise Her Anything quotes

Promised A Miracle quotes

Promised Land quotes

Promises In The Dark quotes

Promises Promises quotes

Proof quotes

Proof Of Life quotes

Protocol quotes

Providence quotes

Psych-Out quotes

Psycho quotes

Psycho 3 quotes

Psychomania quotes

Pt-109 quotes

Public Enemy quotes

Public Eye quotes

Pulp Fiction quotes
Classic Tarantino, the story skips around and tells tales of robbery,...
Pulse quotes

Pump Up The Volume quotes

Pumping Iron quotes

Pumpkin Head quotes

Punchline quotes

Punto Zero quotes

Puppetmaster quotes

Pure Country quotes

Pure Luck quotes

Purple Hearts quotes

Purple Rain quotes

Pursued quotes

Push Over quotes

Pushing Tin quotes

Putney Swope quotes

Pygmalion quotes

Pyscho quotes
A violent and influential film, now famed for a particular scene. A story of...
Pyx quotes

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