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Ma And Pa Kettle quotes

Maborosi quotes

Macao quotes

Macbeth quotes

Machine Gun Kelly quotes

Mack The Knife quotes

Mackenna's Gold quotes

Mackintosh Man quotes

Macon County Line quotes

Mad At The Moon quotes

Mad Dog And Glory quotes

Mad Hot Ballroom quotes

Mad House quotes

Mad Love quotes

Mad Max quotes

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome quotes

Mad Monster Party quotes

Mad Room quotes

Madagascar quotes
Story about some animals that escape from a zoo
Madam Satan quotes

Madame Bovary quotes

Madame Butterfly quotes

Madame Curie quotes

Madame X quotes

Made For Each Other quotes

Made In America quotes

Made In Heaven quotes

Madeline quotes

Madigan quotes

Madly In Love quotes

Madness Of King George quotes

Madonna Truth Or Dare quotes

Madre Giovanna Degli Angeli quotes

Mafia Princess quotes

Magic quotes

Magician quotes

Magician Of Lublin quotes

Magnificent Ambersons quotes

Magnificent Desolation quotes

Magnificent Doll quotes

Magnificent Obsession quotes

Magnificent Seven quotes

Magnificent Yankee quotes

Magnolia quotes
Story about a group of friends in Fernando Valley.
Magnum Force quotes

Mahjong quotes

Mahogany quotes

Main Event quotes

Maitress quotes

Major Dundee quotes

Major League quotes
The boss of a baseball club marries a dancer but it's not the longest lasting...
Major Payne quotes

Majority Of One quotes

Make Haste To Live quotes

Make Mine Mink quotes

Making Love quotes

Making Mr Right quotes

Making The Grade quotes

Malaya quotes

Malcolm X quotes

Malena quotes

Malice quotes

Malicious quotes

Malizia quotes

Mall Rats quotes

Mallrats quotes
Two friends are given the flick by their girlfriends at the same time. So they...
Maltese Falcon quotes

Mambo quotes

Mame quotes

Mamma Roma quotes

Man And A Woman quotes

Man And Boy quotes

Man Bites Dog quotes

Man Called Horse quotes

Man Escaped quotes

Man For All Seasons quotes

Man Friday quotes

Man From Colorado quotes

Man From Laramie quotes

Man From Snowy River quotes

Man From The Alamo quotes

Man From Uncle One Of Our Spies Is Missing quotes

Man In The Iron Mask quotes

Man In The Middle quotes

Man In The Saddle quotes

Man In The Wilderness quotes

Man Of A Thousand Faces quotes

Man Of La Mancha quotes

Man Of Marble quotes

Man Of The East quotes

Man Of The House quotes

Man Of The Year quotes

Man On A String quotes

Man On Fire quotes
An assassin decides vengeance would be a good idea. Was this his most fatal...
Man On The Moon quotes

Man Trouble quotes

Man Who Cried quotes

Man Who Knew Too Much quotes

Man Who Loved Cat Dancing quotes

Man Who Loved Woman quotes

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance quotes

Man Who Would Be King quotes

Man With A Gun quotes

Man With A Movie Camera quotes

Man With The Deadly Lens quotes

Man With Two Brains quotes

Man Without A Star quotes

Man Woman And Child quotes

Man's Castle quotes

Man's Favorite Sport quotes

Manbo Kings quotes

Manchurian Candidate quotes

Mandela quotes

Mandingo quotes

Manhattan quotes
Following the life of a divorced New Yorker...
Manhattan Melodrama quotes

Manhattan Murder Mystery quotes

Manhunter quotes

Maniac Cop quotes

Mannequin quotes

Mansfield Park quotes

Many Wars Ago quotes

Marat Sade quotes

Marathon Man quotes

March Of The Penguins quotes

March Or Die quotes

Margarets Museum quotes

Marie Antoinette quotes

Marilyn Monroe quotes

Marine Raiders quotes

Mario quotes

Marius quotes

Marjoe quotes

Marjorie Morningstar quotes

Mark Of The Vampire quotes

Marked For Death quotes

Marked Woman quotes

Marlene quotes

Marlowe quotes

Marnie quotes

Marooned quotes

Married To It quotes

Married To The Mob quotes

Marrying Kind quotes

Mars Attacks! quotes

Martin quotes

Marty quotes

Marvin's Room quotes

Marx Brothers quotes

Mary Of Scotland quotes

Mary Poppins quotes
The enduring tale of the singing nanny who has a few magical traits. Still as...
Mary Queen Of Scots quotes

Mary Reilly quotes

Masculin Feminin quotes

Mash quotes

Mask quotes

Mask Of Zorro quotes

Masquerade quotes

Mass Appeal quotes

Master And Commander quotes
A British captain makes his crew go the extra mile. Set in the Napoleonic...
Master Gunfighter quotes

Master Of The World quotes

Masterchef quotes
Popular British cookery program, in which a few hopefuls try to outdo each...
Mastermind quotes
Popular quiz show.
Mata Hari quotes

Match Factory Girl quotes

Match Point quotes

Matchless quotes

Matchmaker quotes

Material Girls quotes

Matewan quotes

Matewan quotes

Matilda quotes

Matinee quotes

Mating Game quotes

Matters Of The Heart quotes

Maurice quotes

Maverick quotes
A man needs money for a poker tournament. But how does he get it...
Maverick Queen quotes

Max Dugan Returns quotes

Maximum Overdrive quotes

May Day 40000ft quotes

May Fools quotes

Maybe Baby quotes

Mayflower Madam quotes

Mazes And Monsters quotes

Mccabe And Mrs Miller quotes

McHale's Navy quotes

Mckenzie Break quotes

Mclintock quotes

McQ quotes

Mcvicar quotes

Me And Him quotes

Me And The Colonel quotes

Me And You And Everyone We Know quotes

Me Myself And Irene quotes

Me, Myself And Irene quotes

Mean Girls quotes
Teen comedy about the cool gang at school, and how fickle being a member of the...
Mean Streets quotes

Meantime quotes

Meatballs quotes

Medicine Man quotes

Mediterraneo quotes

Medium Cool quotes

Meet Danny Wilson quotes

Meet Joe Black quotes

Meet John Doe quotes

Meet Me In Las Vegas quotes

Meet Me In St Louis quotes

Meet The Fockers quotes
Hilarious comedy, where chaos breaks out when the Byrnes family meets the...
Meet The Parents quotes

Megaforce quotes

Melinda And Melinda quotes

Melvin And Howard quotes

Memento quotes
Clever film about a man suffering from short term memory loss.
Memoirs Of A Geisha quotes

Memories Of Me quotes

Memphis quotes

Memphis Belle quotes

Men quotes

Men At Work quotes

Men In Black quotes
Classic film about the aliens, featuring Will Smith...
Men In Black II quotes

Men Of Boys Town quotes

Men Of Honor quotes

Men Of The Fighting Lady quotes

Men Of War quotes

Men With Guns quotes

Menage quotes

Mephisto quotes

Merchant Of Venice quotes

Mercury Rising quotes

Mercy quotes

Mermaids quotes

Merrill's Marauders quotes

Merry Widow quotes

Merton Of The Movies quotes

Mesmerized quotes

Message In A Bottle quotes

Meteor quotes

Metro quotes

Metroland quotes

Metropolis quotes
In the future, humans are split in two groups...
Metropolitan quotes

MI-2 quotes

Miami Rhapsody quotes

Miami Vice quotes

Michael quotes

Michael Collins quotes

Mickey & Maude quotes

Mickey Blue Eyes quotes

Middle-Age Crazy quotes

Midnight Cowboy quotes

Midnight Express quotes

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil quotes

Midnight Lace quotes

Midnight Madness quotes

Midnight Run quotes

Midnight Sting quotes

Midway quotes

Mighty Aphrodite quotes

Mighty Ducks quotes

Mighty Joe Young quotes

Mikey quotes

Mildred Pierce quotes

Miles From Home quotes

Milk Money quotes

Millenium quotes

Miller's Crossing quotes

Million Dollar Baby quotes
A focussed woman tries to become a good boxer by training with a seasoned pro...
Million Dollar Duck quotes

Million Dollar Mermaid quotes

Millions quotes

Milo And Otis quotes

Mimi quotes

Mimic quotes

Min And Bill quotes

Mindhunters quotes

Mine Own Executioner quotes

Minority Report quotes

Miracle quotes

Miracle In Milan quotes

Miracle Mile quotes

Miracle Of The Bells quotes

Miracle On 34th Street quotes

Mirage quotes

Mirror quotes

Misery quotes

Misfits quotes

Miss All-American Beauty quotes

Miss Congeneality quotes

Miss Congeniality quotes
Fun comedy featuring an FBI agent going undercover in a beauty contest. As you...
Miss Congeniality 2 Armed And Fabulous quotes

Miss Firecracker quotes

Miss Grant Takes Richmond quotes

Miss Julie quotes

Miss Potter quotes

Miss Sadie Thompson quotes

Missing quotes

Missing In Action quotes

Missing Pieces quotes

Mission Impossible quotes

Mission Impossible 2 quotes

Mission Impossible III quotes

Mission To Mars quotes

Mississippi Burning quotes

Missouri Breaks quotes

Missouri Traveller quotes

Mister Johnson quotes

Mister Roberts quotes

Mistress quotes

Misunderstood quotes

Mixed Nuts quotes

Mo Better Blues quotes

Mobsters quotes

Mobsters quotes

Moby Dick quotes

Mod Squad quotes

Modern Problems quotes

Modern Romance quotes

Modern Times quotes

Moderns quotes

Mogambo quotes

Mole People quotes

Moll Flanders quotes

Molly Maguires quotes

Moment By Moment quotes

Mommie Dearest quotes

Mon Oncle quotes

Mon Oncle Antoine quotes

Mon Oncle D'amerique quotes

Mona Lisa quotes

Mondo Cane quotes

Money For Nothing quotes

Money Train quotes

Money Trap quotes

Monkey Business quotes

Monkey Shines quotes

Monkey Trouble quotes

Monolith quotes

Mononoke Hime quotes

Monsieur Verdoux quotes

Monster House quotes

Monster In A Box quotes

Monster-in-Law quotes
Charlotte meets her dream man, Kevin, after the usual array of useless random...
Monsters Inc quotes
Enjoyable story about some monsters, not quite as vicious as traditionally...
Montana quotes

Monte Carlo quotes

Montenegro quotes

Monterey Pop quotes

Month By The Lake quotes

Monty Python And The Holy Grail quotes
Classic Python humour - timeless, unique and brilliant.
Monty Python's Flying Circus quotes
Hilarious comedy series, has become a cult program.
Monty Python's Meaning Of Life quotes

Monument Ave quotes

Moon Is Blue quotes

Moon Over Miami quotes

Moon Over Parador quotes

Moonlight And Valentino quotes

Moonlighting quotes

Moonraker quotes

Moonrise quotes

Moonstruck quotes

More quotes

Morgan quotes

Morning After quotes

Morning Glory quotes

Morocco quotes

Mortal Combat quotes

Mortal Thoughts quotes

Moscow On The Hudson quotes

Moses quotes

Mosquito Coast quotes

Motel Hell quotes

Mother quotes

Mother Jugs And Speed quotes

Mother Night quotes

Mother Wore Tights quotes

Mothers Boys quotes

Mothra quotes

Motorcycle Gang quotes

Moulin Rouge quotes

Moulin Rouge! quotes
A feast for the eyes and ears, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, Baz...
Mountain Men quotes

Mountains Of The Moon quotes

Mouse Hunt quotes

Mouse On The Moon quotes

Mouse That Roared quotes

Mouth To Mouth quotes

Move Over Darling quotes

Movie Movie quotes

Moving Violation quotes

Mr Ace quotes

Mr And Mrs Smith quotes

Mr Arkadin quotes

Mr Baseball quotes

Mr Billion quotes

Mr Deeds Goes To Town quotes

Mr Destiny quotes

Mr Hercules Against Karate quotes

Mr Hobbs Takes A Vacation quotes

Mr Holland's Opus quotes

Mr Hulot's Holiday quotes

Mr Imperium quotes

Mr Jealousy quotes

Mr Klein quotes

Mr Lucky quotes

Mr Mom quotes

Mr Moto's Last Warning quotes

Mr Peabody And The Mermaid quotes

Mr Saturday Night quotes

Mr Skeffington quotes

Mr Skitch quotes

Mr Smith Goes To Washington quotes
A man gets a job in the US Senate... corruption is hard to fight off...
Mr Winkle Goes To War quotes

Mr Wise Guy quotes

Mr Wong Detective quotes

Mr Wong In Chinatown quotes

Mr Wrong quotes

Mrs Brown quotes

Mrs Dalloway quotes

Mrs Doubtfire quotes

Mrs Henderson Presents quotes

Mrs Miniver quotes

Mrs Palfrey At The Claremont quotes

Mrs Parkington quotes

Mrs Soffel quotes

Mrs Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch quotes

Mrs Winterbourne quotes

Much Ado About Nothing quotes

Mulan quotes
Fun animation about a Chinese girl who becomes one of China's greatest heroes
Mulholland Dr quotes

Mulholland Falls quotes

Multiplicity quotes

Mumford quotes

Mummy's Shroud quotes

Munich quotes

Muppet Movie quotes

Muppets Take Manhattan quotes

Murder At 1600 quotes

Murder At The Gallop quotes

Murder By Death quotes

Murder By Decree quotes

Murder In Texas quotes

Murder In The First quotes

Murder My Sweet quotes

Murder On The Orient Express quotes

Murderball quotes

Murderers' Row quotes

Murders In The Rue Morgue quotes

Murders In The Zoo quotes

Muriel's Wedding quotes

Murphys Law quotes

Murphys Romance quotes

Muscle Beach Party quotes

Music Box quotes

Music Man quotes

Music Of The Heart quotes

Must Love Dogs quotes

Mutations quotes

Mutiny On The Bounty quotes

My American Cousin quotes

My Beautiful Laundrette quotes

My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

My Best Friends Girl quotes

My Big Fat Greek Wedding quotes

My Bloody Valentine quotes

My Blue Heaven quotes

My Bodyguard quotes

My Brilliant Career quotes

My Brothers Wife quotes

My Chauffeur quotes

My Cousin Vinny quotes
Two friends are mistaken for murderers... original plot then...
My Dear Secretary quotes

My Dinner With Andre quotes

My Dog Skip quotes

My Fair Lady quotes

My Father The Hero quotes

My Father's Glory quotes

My Favorite Blonde quotes

My Favorite Season quotes

My Favorite Wife quotes

My Favorite Year quotes

My Fellow Americans quotes

My First Wife quotes

My Foolish Heart quotes

My Forbidden Past quotes

My Friend Flicka quotes

My Geisha quotes

My Girl quotes

My Left Foot quotes

My Life quotes

My Life As A Dog quotes

My Life So Far quotes

My Little Chickadee quotes

My Little Pony quotes

My Lucky Star quotes

My Man Godfrey quotes

My Name Is Joe quotes

My Name Is Nobody quotes

My Night At Maud's quotes

My Old Man quotes

My Own Private Idaho quotes

My Side Of The Mountain quotes

My Sister Eileen quotes

My Stepmother Is An Alien quotes

My Super Ex-Girlfriend quotes

My Sweet Charlie quotes

Myra Breckenridge quotes

Mysterious Island quotes

Mystery Date quotes

Mystery Men quotes
Useless superheroes have to save a city from destruction. Hands up if the plot...
Mystery Of Edwin Drood quotes

Mystery Of Mr Wong quotes

Mystery Train quotes

Mystic Pizza quotes

Mystic River quotes
Three men are reunited by tragic events.
Myth Of Fingerprints quotes

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