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Ca Ira Mieux Demain quotes

Cabaret quotes

Cabin Boy quotes

Cabin In The Sky quotes

Cabinet Of Dr Caligari quotes

Caboblanco quotes

Cache quotes

Cactus Flower quotes

Cactus Jack quotes

Caddy quotes

Caddyshack quotes

Caddyshack 2 quotes

Cadence quotes

Cadillac Man quotes

Cadillac Ranch quotes

Caesar And Cleopatra quotes

Caged Heat quotes

Cairo quotes

Calamity Jane quotes

Calendar Girl quotes

California Dreaming quotes

California Man quotes

California Suite quotes

Caligula quotes

Call Me Bwana quotes

Call Northside 777 quotes

Call Of The Wild quotes

Camelot quotes

Camilla quotes

Camille quotes

Can She Bake A Cherry Pie quotes

Can't Hardly Wait quotes

Can-Can quotes

Canadian Bacon quotes

Canadian Pacific quotes

Cancel My Reservation quotes

Candleshoe quotes

Candy Man quotes

Candy Mountain quotes

Cannery Row quotes

Cannon For Cordoba quotes

Cannonball quotes

Cannonball Run quotes

Cape Fear quotes

Capone quotes

Capote quotes

Capricorn One quotes

Captain America quotes

Captain Blood quotes

Captain Horatio Hornblower quotes

Captain January quotes

Captain Newman Md quotes

Captain Ron quotes

Captains Courageous quotes

Captives quotes

Capturing The Friedmans quotes
Documentary on the Friedmans, a typical, upper-middleclass Jewish family whose...
Car Wash quotes

Carbon Copy quotes

Care Bears Movie 2 quotes

Career quotes

Career Girls quotes

Career Opportunities quotes

Carefree quotes

Carmen quotes

Carmen Jones quotes

Carnal Knowledge quotes

Carnival Of Souls quotes

Carnival Story quotes

Caroline quotes

Carousel quotes

Carpetbaggers quotes

Carpool quotes

Carrie quotes

Carrie 2 The Rage quotes

Carried Away quotes

Carrington quotes

Carry On Camping quotes

Carry On Cleo quotes

Carry On Doctor quotes

Carry On Henry VIII quotes

Cars quotes

Cartouche quotes

Casablanca quotes
Perhaps the most well known film of all time, this is the classic romantic...
Casanova quotes

Casanova Brown quotes

Caseys Shadow quotes

Cash McCall quotes

Casino quotes

Casino Royale quotes

Casper quotes

Casque D'or quotes

Casque D'or quotes

Cast A Giant Shadow quotes

Cast Away quotes

Castle Keep quotes

Casual Sex quotes

Casualties Of War quotes

Cat And Mouse quotes

Cat Ballou quotes

Cat O'nine Tails quotes

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof quotes

Cat People quotes

Cat Women Of The Moon quotes

Catch 22 quotes

Catch A Fire quotes

Catch Me If You Can quotes

Catchfire quotes

Catherine And Co quotes

Catlow quotes

Cats & Dogs quotes

Cats Don't Dance quotes

Cats Eye quotes

Catwoman quotes
A cat like woman, part hero part criminal... rather boring, really...
Caught quotes

Caught In The Draft quotes

Cause For Alarm quotes

Cavalcade quotes

Caveman quotes

Cease Fire quotes

Celebrity quotes

Celeste quotes

Celine Et Julie Vont En Bateau quotes

Celtic Pride quotes

Center Of The Web quotes

Center Stage quotes

Central Do Brasil quotes

Central Station quotes

Cesar quotes

Chain Reaction quotes

Chained Heat quotes

Chalk Garden quotes

Chamber Of Horrors quotes

Champagne For Caesar quotes

Champion quotes

Chances Are quotes

Chang quotes

Change Of Habit quotes

Changeling quotes

Chantilly Lace quotes

Chaplin quotes

Chapter Two quotes

Charade quotes

Chariots Of Fire quotes
The two British athletes in the 1924 Olympics...
Charley Varrick quotes

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory quotes
The classic Roald Dahl book brought to life in film...
Charlie's Angels quotes

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle quotes

Charlotte's Web quotes

Charlottes Web quotes
Spiders, pigs, slaughter...
Charly quotes

Charro quotes

Chasing Amy quotes

Chassing Amy quotes

Chato's Land quotes

Chattahoochee quotes

Chatterbox quotes

Che quotes

Cheap Detective quotes

Cheaper By The Dozen quotes
Story about a father of twelve, who has, quite literally, a lot of things on...
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 quotes

Cheatin Hearts quotes

Cherry 2000 quotes

Cheyenne Autumn quotes

Cheyenne Social Club quotes

Chicago quotes

Chicken Little quotes

Chicken Run quotes

Child In The Night quotes

Child Is Waiting quotes

Children Of A Lesser God quotes

Children Of Heaven quotes

Children Of Men quotes

Children Of Paradise quotes

Children Of The Corn quotes

Childs Play quotes

Chill Factor quotes

Chilly Scenes Of Winter quotes

China Gate quotes

China Girl quotes

China Moon quotes

China Seas quotes

Chinatown quotes
Well made mystery film, about a detective who runs into serious corruption in...
Chinese Connection quotes

Chino quotes

Chisum quotes

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang quotes

Chocolat quotes

Chocolate War quotes

Choice Of Love quotes

CHOMPS quotes

Choose Me quotes

Christine quotes

Christmas Carol quotes

Christmas In Connecticut quotes

Christmas In July quotes

Christmas Vacation quotes

Christmas With The Kranks quotes

Christopher Columbus quotes

Chrome And Hot Leather quotes

CHUD quotes

Chuka quotes

Chungking Express quotes

Cider House Rules quotes

Cimarron quotes

Cincinnati Kid quotes

Cinderella quotes

Cinderella Liberty quotes

Cinderella Man quotes
Story about the folk hero Jim Braddock.
Cinema Paradiso quotes

Circle Of Friends quotes

Circle Of Iron quotes

Circle Of Love quotes

Circle Of Two quotes

Circumstantial Evidence quotes

Circus quotes

Circus Of Horrors quotes

Citizen Cohn quotes

Citizen Kane quotes
A fictional biography of the rise to power of a newspaper tycoon, - Charles...
Citizen Ruth quotes

City Beneath The Sea quotes

City Hall quotes

City Heat quotes

City Lights quotes

City Of Angels quotes

City Of Hope quotes

City Of Industry quotes

City Of Joy quotes

City Of Lost Children quotes

City Of Women quotes

City On Fire quotes

City Slickers quotes

City That Never Sleeps quotes

Civil Action quotes

Clambake quotes

Clash By Night quotes

Clash Of The Titans quotes

Class quotes

Class Act quotes

Class Action quotes

Class Of 44 quotes

Clay Pigeons quotes

Clean And Sober quotes

Clean Slate quotes

Clear And Present Danger quotes

Cleo De 5 A 7 quotes

Cleopatra quotes

Cleopatra Jones quotes

Clerks quotes

Clerks II quotes

Click quotes

Cliffhanger quotes

Clifford quotes

Cloak And Dagger quotes

Clockers quotes

Clockmaker quotes

Clockwise quotes

Clockwork Orange quotes

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind quotes

Close To Eden quotes

Close-Up quotes

Closely Watched Trains quotes

Closer quotes

Cloud Dancer quotes

Club Paradise quotes

Clue quotes

Clueless quotes
Classic teen lifestyle parody movie
Coach Carter quotes
Story centred around a controversial basketball coach.
Coal Miners Daughter quotes

Coast To Coast quotes

Cobra quotes

Cobra Woman quotes

Coca Cola Kid quotes

Cockfighter quotes

Cocktail quotes

Cocoon quotes

Cocoon The Return quotes

Code 46 quotes

Code Of Silence quotes

Cold Comfort quotes

Cold Comfort Farm quotes

Cold Feet quotes

Cold Sweat quotes

Cold Turkey quotes

Collateral quotes
Gripping, tense and thought provoking, this is a great film. Michael Mann is a...
Collateral Damage quotes

College quotes

Colors quotes

Colossus The Forbin Project quotes

Coma quotes

Coma quotes

Comanche Station quotes

Come Back Little Sheba quotes

Come September quotes

Comeback quotes

Comedians quotes

Comedy Of Terrors quotes

Coming Home quotes

Coming To America quotes

Command Decision quotes

Commandments quotes

Commando quotes

Commitments quotes

Common Bonds quotes

Communion quotes

Compromising Positions quotes

Compulsion quotes

Comrade X quotes

Con Air quotes
Nicolas Cage stars in this popular action film...
Conan The Barbarian quotes
The child becomes a hulk of a man and seeks revenge...
Conan The Destroyer quotes

Condorman quotes

Coneheads quotes

Conflict quotes

Conflict Of Interest quotes

Congo quotes

Conquest quotes

Conquest Of Space quotes

Conspiracy Theory quotes

Constantine quotes

Contact quotes
Radio proof is received of intelligent life out there in the depths of outer...
Contempt quotes

Continental Divide quotes

Conversation quotes

Convoy quotes

Coogans Bluff quotes

Cookie quotes

Cookie's Fortune quotes

Cool Hand Luke quotes

Cool Runnings quotes

Cool World quotes

Cooley High quotes

Cop And A Half quotes

Copacabana quotes

Copland quotes

Copper Canyon quotes

Cops And Robbers quotes

Copy Cat quotes

Cornered quotes

Coronation Street quotes
One of the most popular and enduring British soaps.
Coroner Creek quotes

Corrina Corrina quotes

Corrupt quotes

Corsican Brothers quotes

Corvette Summer quotes

Cotton Comes To Harlem quotes

Count Dracula quotes

Count Yorga Vampire quotes

Countdown quotes

Country quotes

Country Girl quotes

Country Life quotes

Coupe De Ville quotes

Courage Of Lassie quotes

Courage Under Fire quotes

Court Jester quotes

Cousin Bette quotes

Cousin Cousine quotes

Cousins quotes

Cover Girl quotes

Cover Me quotes

Cowboy quotes

Crack-Up quotes

Crackers quotes

Cracking Up quotes

Cradle To The Grave quotes

Crank quotes

Crash quotes
Story about racism in the modern world.
Crash Dive quotes

Crashout quotes

Crawling Eye quotes

Crazy For You quotes

Crazy In Love quotes

Crazy Joe quotes

Crazy Mama quotes

Creator quotes

Creature From The Black Lagoon quotes

Creature From The Haunted Sea quotes

Creature Walks Among Us quotes

Creep quotes
A woman is trapped by an attacker in London's subway system.
Creepers quotes

Creepshow quotes

Creepshow 2 quotes

Cries And Whispers quotes

Crime And Punishment quotes

Crimes Of Passion quotes

Criminal Justice quotes

Crimson Pirate quotes

Crimson Tide quotes
A mutiny on a nuclear missile submarine. Not really the best situation is it?
Criss Cross quotes

Critic's Choice quotes

Critical Care quotes

Critters quotes

Crocodile Dundee quotes

Crocodile Dundee 2 quotes

Cromwell quotes

Crooked Hearts quotes

Cross Creek quotes

Cross My Heart quotes

Cross Of Iron quotes

Crossfire quotes

Crossing Delancey quotes

Crossover quotes

Crossroads quotes

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon quotes

Crow City Of Angel quotes

Crowd quotes

Cruel Intentions quotes
A film all about seduction and sexual tension. Makes for a good movie,...
Cruising quotes

Crumb quotes

Crusoe quotes

Cry Baby quotes

Cry Danger quotes

Cry Freedom quotes

Cry The Beloved Country quotes

Cry Wolf quotes

Crying Game quotes

Cuba quotes

Cujo quotes

Cul De Sac quotes

Curious George quotes

Curly Sue quotes

Curly Top quotes

Curse Of The Demon quotes

Curse Of The Golden Flower quotes

Curse Of The Pink Panther quotes

Cursed quotes

Custer Of The West quotes

Cut quotes

Cutters Way quotes

Cutting Class quotes

Cyclone quotes

Cyclops quotes

Cyrano De Bergerac quotes

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