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Rabid quotes

Race The Sun quotes

Rachel Rachel quotes

Racing Stripes quotes
Another wacky idea - a zebra grows up thinking that he is a racehorse. That's...
Racing With The Moon quotes

Radio quotes

Radio Days quotes

Radio Flyer quotes

Rafferty And The Gold Dust Twins quotes

Rage quotes

Rage Of Angels quotes

Raggedy Man quotes

Raging Bull quotes
Biography of the boxer, Jake LaMotta.
Ragtime quotes

Raid On Entebbe quotes

Raid On Rommel quotes

Raiders Of The Lost Ark quotes
Adventurer Indiana Jones in an enjoyable quest for the Covenant.
Railroaded quotes

Rain quotes

Rain Man quotes

Rainmaker quotes

Raintree County quotes

Raise The Red Lantern quotes

Raisin In The Sun quotes

Raising Arizona quotes
A childless couple decide to have someone else's kids. Nice.
Raising Cain quotes

Rambling Rose quotes

Rambo 3 quotes

Rambo First Blood Part 2 quotes

Rampage quotes

Ramrod quotes

Ran quotes

Rancho Notorious quotes

Rancid Aluminium quotes

Random Harvest quotes

Random Hearts quotes

Rang De Basanti quotes

Ransom quotes

Rapid Fire quotes

Rapporto Confidenziale quotes

Rashomon quotes

Rasputin The Mad Monk quotes

Rat quotes

Rat Race quotes
A race for money is created by a casino magnate
Ratboy quotes

Ratcatcher quotes

Ravagers quotes

Raven quotes

Ravenous quotes

Ravishing Idiot quotes

Raw Courage quotes

Raw Deal quotes

Rawhide quotes

Ray quotes

Razor's Edge quotes

Re-Animator quotes

Reach For The Sky quotes

Reach The Rock quotes

Ready To Wear quotes

Real Blonde quotes

Real Genius quotes
A laser is developed by some rather brainy teenagers... as you do
Real Glory quotes

Real Life quotes

Reality Bites quotes

Rear Window quotes
A photographer spies on his neighbour...
Rebecca quotes
A woman marries a rather opulent widower...
Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm quotes

Rebel Rousers quotes

Rebel Without A Cause quotes

Rebels Of The Neon God quotes

Rebound quotes

Reckless quotes

Reckless Kelly quotes

Red quotes

Red And White quotes

Red Corner quotes

Red Dawn quotes

Red Dust quotes

Red Eye quotes

Red Headed Woman quotes

Red House quotes

Red Planet quotes

Red Planet Mars quotes

Red Pony quotes

Red River quotes

Red Rock West quotes

Red Shoes quotes

Red Sonja quotes

Red Sorghum quotes

Red Sun quotes

Red Violin quotes

Reds quotes

Reefer Madness quotes

Reform School Girl quotes

Regarding Henry quotes

Reign Of Terror quotes

Reindeer Games quotes

Relentless quotes

Reluctant Bride quotes

Remains Of The Day quotes

Rembrandt quotes

Remember The Night quotes

Remember The Titans quotes
A real life story with regard a coach and his high school team
Remo Williams quotes

Renaissance Man quotes

Renegades quotes

Rent quotes

Rent-A-Cop quotes

Rent-A-Kid quotes

Repentance quotes

Repo Man quotes
Story about a young punk who becomes a repo man
Report To The Commissioner quotes

Repossessed quotes

Reptilicus quotes

Repulsion quotes

Requiem For A Dream quotes
Story about drug addiction, and the impact it has on the lives of four people.
Requiem For A Heavyweight quotes

Rescue Me quotes

Reservoir Dogs quotes
The story of ruthless criminals and a botched job
Restoration quotes

Resurrection quotes

Retreat Hell quotes

Return Engagement quotes

Return From The River Kwai quotes

Return From Witch Mountain quotes

Return Of Count Yorga quotes

Return Of The Dragon quotes

Return Of The Killer Tomatoes quotes

Return Of The Living Dead quotes

Return Of The Pink Panther quotes

Return To Home quotes

Return To Macon County quotes

Return To Me quotes

Return To Oz quotes

Return To Paradise quotes

Reuben Reuben quotes

Reunion quotes

Reunion In France quotes

Revenge quotes

Revenge Of The Nerds quotes

Revenge Of The Nerds 2 quotes

Revenge Of The Pink Panther quotes

Revenger's Comedies quotes

Reversal Of Fortune quotes
Is he innocent or guilty? Only Mr Derschowitz can get him off...
Rhapsody quotes

Rhapsody In Blue quotes

Rhinestone quotes

Rhythm On The Range quotes

Rhythm On The River quotes

Rich And Famous quotes

Rich Girl quotes

Rich In Love quotes

Rich Kids quotes

Richard III quotes

Richards Things quotes

Richie Rich quotes

Ricochet quotes

Ride A Wild Pony quotes

Ride Em Cowboy quotes

Ride In The Whirlwind quotes

Ride Lonesome quotes

Ride The High Country quotes

Ride The Wild Surf quotes

Ride With The Devil quotes

Riders Of The Purple Sage quotes

Riders Of The Storm quotes

Ridicule quotes

Riding High quotes

Riding In Cars With Boys quotes

Riff Raff quotes

Rififi quotes

Right Stuff quotes

Ring Of Fire quotes

Rio Bravo quotes

Rio Conchos quotes

Rio Grande quotes

Rio Lobo quotes

Riptide quotes

Rising Son quotes

Rising Sun quotes

Risky Business quotes
A teenager wants some fun, but things escalate rather quickly...
Riso Amaro quotes

River Of No Return quotes

River Red quotes

River Runs Through It quotes

River Wild quotes

River's Edge quotes

Rize quotes

Road Games quotes

Road Kill quotes

Road Show quotes

Road To Bali quotes

Road To El Dorado quotes

Road To Morocco quotes

Road To Perdition quotes

Road To Rio quotes

Road To Utopia quotes

Road Trip quotes

Roadhouse quotes

Roadside Prophets quotes

Roaring Twenties quotes

Rob Roy quotes

Robbery quotes

Robe quotes

Roberta quotes

Robin And Marian quotes

Robin And The Seven Hoods quotes

Robin Hood quotes
The classic film abount the legendary Nottinghamshire outlaw from Sherwood...
Robin Hood Men In Tights quotes

Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves quotes

Robin Hood: Men In Tights quotes

Robocop quotes

Robocop 2 quotes

Robot Monster quotes

Robot Wars quotes
Popular British TV show, where groups of amateurs build robots that fight each...
Robots quotes
A young inventor opposes the management of his company...
Rocco And His Brothers quotes

Rock A Bye-Baby quotes

Rock All Night quotes

Rock Baby Rock It quotes

Rock N Roll High School quotes

Rock Pretty Baby quotes

Rock Rock Rock quotes

Rock-A-Doodle quotes

Rocketeer quotes

Rocketship Xm quotes

Rocky quotes
A boxer gets to fight a champ...
Rocky 5 quotes

Rocky Balboa quotes

Rocky Horror Picture Show quotes

Rocky II quotes

Rodan quotes

Rodeo Girl quotes

Roe Vs Wade quotes

Roger & Me quotes

Rogue Trader quotes

Rogues Gallery quotes

Roll Bounce quotes

Rollerball quotes

Rollercoaster quotes

Rollercoaster Rabbit quotes

Rolling Thunder quotes

Rollover quotes

Roman Holiday quotes

Roman Scandals quotes

Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone quotes

Romance quotes

Romance On The High Seas quotes

Romance On The Orient Express quotes

Romancing The Stone quotes

Romantic Comedy quotes

Romeo And Juliet quotes

Romeo Et Juliette quotes

Romeo Is Bleeding quotes

Romeo Must Die quotes
Film about a cop who looks out for his brother's killer...
Romero quotes

Romper Stomper quotes

Romy And Michelle's Highschool Reunion quotes

Ronin quotes

Roogie's Bump quotes

Rookie Of The Year quotes

Room At The Top quotes

Room Service quotes

Room With A View quotes

Roommates quotes

Rooster Cogburn quotes

Rope quotes

Rosalie quotes

Rosalie Goes Shopping quotes

Rose Marie quotes

Rose Of Washington Square quotes

Rosebud quotes

Rosemary's Baby quotes

Rosewood quotes

Rouge quotes

Rough Cut quotes

Rough Night In Jericho quotes

Roughnecks quotes

Round Midnight quotes

Round Trip To Heaven quotes

Round-Up quotes

Rounders quotes
A reformed gambler has to actually return to the tables to help a friend pay...
Roustabout quotes

Roving Mars quotes

Roxanne quotes

Royal Flash quotes

Royal Hunt Of The Sun quotes

Royal Wedding quotes

Ruby quotes

Ruby Gentry quotes

Rude Awakening quotes

Rudy quotes

Ruggles Of Red Gap quotes

Rugrats In Paris quotes

Rules Of Engagement quotes

Rules Of The Game quotes

Rumble Fish quotes

Rumble In The Bronx quotes

Rumor Has It quotes

Rumpelstiltskin quotes

Run For The Roses quotes

Run Lola Run quotes

Run Silent Run Deep quotes

Run Wild Run Free quotes

Runaway quotes

Runaway Bride quotes

Runaway Jury quotes

Runaway Train quotes

Running Against Time quotes

Running Delilah quotes

Running Man quotes

Running Mates quotes

Running On Empty quotes

Running Scared quotes

Running Wild quotes

Running With Scissors quotes

Rush quotes

Rush Hour quotes

Rush Hour 2 quotes

Rushmore quotes
The king of a school named Rushmore is on something akin to probation...
Russia House quotes

Russian Roulette quotes

Russians Are Coming quotes

Rustlers Rhapsody quotes

Ruthless quotes

Ruthless People quotes

Ryan's Daughter quotes

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