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Sabotage quotes

Sabrina quotes

Sacrifice quotes

Sad Sack quotes

Sadat quotes

Sadie Mckee quotes

Safe At Home quotes

Safe Men quotes

Safety Last quotes

Sahara quotes

Saigon quotes

Saint Jack quotes

Saint Joan quotes

Saint-Cyr quotes

Salaam Namaste quotes

Salems Lot quotes

Sally Of The Sawdust quotes

Salome quotes

Salsa quotes

Salt Of The Earth quotes

Salvador quotes

Salvatore Giuliano quotes

Sam Whiskey quotes

Same Time Next Year quotes

Sammy And Rosie Get Laid quotes

Sams Son quotes

Samson And Delilah quotes

San Francisco quotes

Sanatorium Pod Klepsydra quotes

Sand Pebbles quotes

Sandpiper quotes

Sands Of Iwo Jima quotes

Sands Of The Kalahari quotes

Sanjuro quotes

Sans Toi Ni Loi quotes

Sansho The Bailiff quotes

Santa Claus quotes

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians quotes

Santa Fe Trail quotes

Saps At Sea quotes

Sarafina quotes

Sarah Plain And Tall quotes

Sarajevo quotes

Saratoga quotes

SAS Malko quotes

Satan Met A Lady quotes

Satan's Satellites quotes

Satisfaction quotes

Saturday Night And Sunday Morning quotes

Saturday Night Fever quotes

Satyricon quotes

Savage Islands quotes

Savage Streets quotes

Savannah Smiles quotes

Save The Last Dance quotes

Save The Tiger quotes

Saving Grace quotes

Saving Private Ryan quotes
American soldiers try to save their comrade, Private Ryan.
Sawdust And Tinsel quotes

Say Anything quotes

Say It Isn't So quotes

Say Yes quotes

Sayonara quotes

Scalphunters quotes

Scandal quotes

Scandalous quotes

Scanners quotes

Scaramouche quotes

Scared Stiff quotes

Scarface quotes
A Cuban immigrant becomes head of a drugs empire...
Scarface The Shame Of A Nation quotes

Scarlet Bucaneer quotes

Scarlet Dawn quotes

Scarlet Empress quotes

Scarlet Street quotes

Scars Of Dracula quotes

Scary Movie quotes

Scary Movie 3 quotes

Scene Of The Crime quotes

Scenes From A Mall quotes

Scenes From A Marriage quotes

Scent Of A Woman quotes

Scent Of Green Papaya quotes

Schatten quotes

Scherben quotes

Schindler's List quotes
Spielberg's hit three hour long movie about the Holocaust.
Schizo quotes

School Daze quotes

School For Scoundrels quotes

School Of Flesh quotes

School Of Rock quotes
Hilarious tale featuring Jack Black as a somewhat unorthodox teacher who turns...
School Ties quotes

Scissors quotes

Scooby Doo quotes
Popular comedy following the detective efforts of some young kids, solving...
Scoop quotes

Scorpio quotes

Scouts Honor quotes

Scream quotes

Scream 2 quotes

Scream Of Fear quotes

Screamers quotes

Scrooge quotes

Scrooged quotes

Scruples quotes

Se7en quotes
Disturbing drama about the cops chasing a serial killer who kills in accordance...
Sea Hawk quotes

Sea Of Grass quotes

Sea Of Love quotes

Sea Wolves quotes

Seance On A Wet Afternoon quotes

Search quotes

Search And Destroy quotes

Searchers quotes

Searching For Bobby Fischer quotes

Sebastiane quotes

Second Best quotes

Second Chance quotes

Second Chorus quotes

Second Fiddle quotes

Seconds quotes

Secret Agent quotes

Secret Ceremony quotes

Secret Invasion quotes

Secret Life Of An American Wife quotes

Secret Of Nimh quotes

Secret Of Roan Inish quotes

Secret Places quotes

Secret War Of Harry Frigg quotes

Secrets And Lies quotes

Secrets Of A Soul quotes

Secrets Of Women quotes

Seduced quotes

Seduction Of Joe Tynan quotes

See How She Runs quotes

See No Evil quotes

Seedpeople quotes

Seems Like Old Times quotes

Seize The Day quotes

Selena quotes

Semi Tough quotes

Send Me No Flowers quotes

Sensation quotes

Sense And Sensibility quotes

Senseless quotes

Senso quotes

Separate But Equal quotes

Separate Peace quotes

Separate Tables quotes

September quotes

September Affair quotes

Serendipity quotes

Serenity quotes
Malcolm Reynolds is on the run. From who, and why? Watch to find out...
Sergeant Rutledge quotes

Sergeant Ryker quotes

Sergeant York quotes

Serial quotes

Serial Mom quotes

Serpent And The Rainbow quotes

Serpico quotes

Servant quotes

Set If Off quotes

Seven quotes

Seven Beauties quotes

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers quotes

Seven Days In May quotes

Seven Days' Leave quotes

Seven Deadly Sins quotes

Seven Minutes In Heaven quotes

Seven Per Cent Solution quotes

Seven Samurai quotes

Seven Sinners quotes

Seven Thieves quotes

Seven Year Itch quotes

Seven Years Bad Luck quotes

Seven Years In Tibet quotes

Seventh Heaven quotes

Seventh Seal quotes

Sex And The Single Girl quotes

Sex Lies And Videotape quotes

Shack Out On 101 quotes

Shadow Conspiracy quotes

Shadow Dancing quotes

Shadow Makers quotes

Shadow Of A Doubt quotes

Shadow Of The Vampire quotes

Shadow Of The Wolf quotes

Shadow On The Window quotes

Shadowlands quotes

Shadows quotes

Shadrach quotes

Shaft quotes

Shaft's Big Score quotes

Shake Hands With The Devil quotes

Shake Rattle And Rock quotes

Shakes The Clown quotes

Shakespeare In Love quotes
Engaging fantasy about the life of Shakespeare, and his romantic life with a...
Shakespeare Wallah quotes

Shaking The Tree quotes

Shalako quotes

Shall We Dance quotes
A standard rom com in which a bored lawyer falls for his dance instructor.
Shallow Grave quotes

Shame quotes

Shampoo quotes

Shamus quotes

Shane quotes

Shangai Blues quotes

Shanghai Express quotes

Shanghai Gesture quotes

Shanghai Noon quotes

Shanghai Surprise quotes

Shark Tale quotes

Sharks Treasure quotes

Sharky's Machine quotes

Shattered quotes

Shattered Image quotes

Shaun Of The Dead quotes
A side-splitting, gory horror comedy, this really is a hilarious film!
She quotes

She Demons quotes

She Done Him Wrong quotes

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon quotes

She's All That quotes

She's Gotta Have It quotes

She's Having A Baby quotes

She's So Lovely quotes

She's The Man quotes

She's The One quotes

She-Devil quotes

Sheena Queen Of The Jungle quotes

Sheltering Sky quotes

Shenandoah quotes

Sherlock Jr quotes

Shichinin No Samurai quotes
A village under fire is protected by samurais.
Shine quotes

Shine On Harvest Moon quotes

Shining Through quotes

Ship Ahoy quotes

Ship Of Fools quotes

Shirley Valentine quotes

Shivers quotes

Shock Corridor quotes

Shock Treatment quotes

Shoeshine quotes

Shogun quotes

Shoot The Moon quotes

Shoot The Pianist quotes

Shoot To Kill quotes

Shooting Fish quotes

Shop On Main Street quotes

Shopgirl quotes

Shopworn Angel quotes

Short Circuit quotes

Short Circuit 2 quotes

Short Cuts quotes

Short Time quotes

Shortbus quotes

Shot In The Dark quotes

Shout quotes

Show Girls quotes

Show Them No Mercy quotes

Showboat quotes

Showdown quotes

Showdown In Little Tokyo quotes

Showgirls quotes
Nomi becomes a dancer in Las Vegas, and makes sure she reaches the high...
Shrek quotes
Hilarious comedy about a swamp living monster, and his quest to find happiness....
Shrek 2 quotes
The second installment of Shrek proved even funnier than the first, as the...
Shut Up And Sing quotes

Shy People quotes

Sibling Rivalry quotes

Sid & Nancy quotes

Side By Side quotes

Sidecar Racers quotes

Sideways quotes

Siege quotes

Siege quotes

Siesta quotes

Sign Of The Pagan quotes

Signs quotes
On a farm, a family discover strange crop circles - are these ones made by...
Signs Of Life quotes

Silas Marner quotes

Silence Of The Heart quotes

Silence Of The Lambs quotes

Silencers quotes

Silent Flute quotes

Silent Hill quotes

Silent Movie quotes

Silent Night Deadly Night quotes

Silent Rage quotes

Silent Running quotes

Silent Tongue quotes

Silk Stockings quotes

Silkwood quotes

Silver Bullet quotes

Silver River quotes

Silver Streak quotes

Silverado quotes

Simba quotes

Simon quotes

Simon Birch quotes

Simple Men quotes

Simply Irresistible quotes

Sin City quotes
Adaptation of the Frank Miller story of the made up town Sin City.
Sinatra quotes

Sinbad The Sailor quotes

Since You Went Away quotes

Sing Sing quotes

Singapore quotes

Singin' In The Rain quotes
One of the most loved and popular musicals of all time. Charming and graceful.
Singing In The Rain quotes

Single White Female quotes

Singles quotes

Sink The Bismark quotes

Sirens quotes

Sirocco quotes

Sister Act quotes

Sister Kenny quotes

Sisters quotes

Sitting Ducks quotes

Sitting Pretty quotes

Situation Hopeless But Not Serious quotes

Six Days Seven Nights quotes

Six Degrees Of Separation quotes

Six Of A Kind quotes

Six Pack quotes

Six Ways To Sunday quotes

Six Weeks quotes

Sixteen Candles quotes

Sixth Sense quotes

Sizzle quotes

Skeezer quotes

Sketch Artist quotes

Ski Patrol quotes

Ski Troop Attack quotes

Skin Deep quotes

Skin Game quotes

Skirts Ahoy quotes

Skull quotes

Skullduggery quotes

Sky High quotes
This is a land where superheroes are the norm, so in what sense are they...
Sky Riders quotes

Skyjacked quotes

Skylark quotes

Skyscraper Souls quotes

Slacker quotes

Slackers quotes
Amusing comedy about slackers, the geek and blackmail...
Slap Shot quotes
About a rubbish hockey team...
Slapshot quotes

Slapstick Of Another Kind quotes

Slaughterhouse Five quotes

Slave Of Love quotes

Slavers quotes

Slaves Of New-York quotes

Slc Punk quotes

SLC Punk! quotes
About two punks living in the ultra conservative area that is salt lake city
Sleep With Me quotes

Sleeper quotes

Sleepers quotes

Sleeping Beauty quotes

Sleeping Dogs quotes

Sleeping With The Enemy quotes

Sleepless In Seattle quotes

Sleepwalk quotes

Sleepwalkers quotes

Sleepy Hollow quotes

Slender Thread quotes

Sleuth quotes

Sliding Doors quotes

Slightly Scarlet quotes

Sling Blade quotes

Slipstream quotes

Slither quotes

Sliver quotes

Slow Burn quotes

Slums Of Beverly Hills quotes

Small Change quotes

Small Faces quotes

Small Sacrifices quotes

Small Soldiers quotes

Small Town Girl quotes

Smile quotes

Smiles Of A Summer Night quotes

Smilla's Sense Of Snow quotes

Smithereens quotes

Smoke quotes

Smoke Signals quotes

Smokescreen quotes

Smokey And The Bandit quotes

Smokey And The Bandit Part 3 quotes

Smooth Talk quotes

Smugglers Cove quotes

Smultronstället quotes

Snake Eyes quotes

Snake Pit quotes

Snakes On A Plane quotes

Snatch quotes
Funny Guy Ritchie moving about some dodgy boxing promoters and amateur robbers....
Sneakers quotes

Sniper quotes

Snoopy Come Home quotes

Snow Day quotes

Snow Dogs quotes
Not particularly funny, the tagline tells it all: get ready for mush hour! Oh...
Snow Falling On Cedars quotes

Snow White quotes

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs quotes
The famous fictional story came to life on the big screen, with the magic...
Snowball Express quotes

So Dear To My Heart quotes

So Fine quotes

So I Married An Axe Murderer quotes
Story of a poet in San Fran who fears commitment. Just an ordinary Joe then,...
So I Married An Axe-Murderer quotes

So Proudly We Hail quotes

So This Is New York quotes

Soap Dish quotes

Sob quotes

Sodom And Gomorrah quotes

Soil quotes

Solar Crisis quotes

Solarbabies quotes

Solaris quotes

Solas quotes

Soldier Blue quotes

Soldier In The Rain quotes

Soldier Of Fortune quotes

Soldier's Sweetheart quotes

Solid Gold Cadillac quotes

Solomon And Sheba quotes

Some Came Running quotes

Some Girls quotes

Some Kind Of Wonderful quotes

Some Like It Hot quotes
A fantastic comedy, starring that lady, Marilyn Monroe.
Some Mothers Son quotes

Someone Behind The Door quotes

Someone Like You quotes

Someone To Love quotes

Someone To Watch Over Me quotes

Something For Everyone quotes

Something In Common quotes

Something New quotes

Something Of Value quotes

Something To Sing About quotes

Something To Talk About quotes

Something Wild quotes

Sometimes A Great Notion quotes

Somewhere I'll Find You quotes

Somewhere In Sonora quotes

Somewhere In Time quotes

Somewhere Tomorrow quotes

Sommersby quotes

Son Of Ali Baba quotes

Son Of Dracula quotes

Son Of Frankenstein quotes

Son Of Lassie quotes

Son Of Paleface quotes

Son Of Sinbad quotes

Son Of The Mask quotes

Son Of The Sheik quotes

Sonatine quotes

Song Of Bernadette quotes

Song Of Love quotes

Song Of The Thin Man quotes

Song Remains The Same quotes

Song Without End quotes

Songwriter quotes

Sons And Lovers quotes

Sons Of Katie Elder quotes

Sons Of The Desert quotes

Sophie's Choice quotes

Sorcerer quotes

Sorrowful Jones quotes

Sorry Wrong Number quotes

Soul Food quotes

Soul Man quotes

Sound Of Music quotes

Sounder quotes

Soup For One quotes

South Of St Louis quotes

South Pacific quotes

South Park quotes
American comedy animation, that is close to the bone but also very funny!
South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut quotes

Southern Comfort quotes

Southerner quotes

Soylent Green quotes

Space Camp quotes

Space Cowboys quotes

Space Invaders quotes

Space Jam quotes

Space Raiders quotes

Spaceballs quotes
Not particularly funny slightly whacky film about stealing an air supply...
Spacehunter Adventure In The Forbidden Zone quotes

Spaghetti Western quotes

Spanglish quotes

Sparkle quotes

Spartacus quotes
Spartacus, a slave, leads a revolt.
Spasms quotes

Spawn quotes

Speak Easily quotes

Speaking Parts quotes

Special Agent K7 quotes

Special Delivery quotes

Species quotes

Spectre Of The Rose quotes

Speechless quotes

Speed quotes
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock star in the film that involves buses and bombs!
Speed 2 quotes

Speedtrap quotes

Speedway quotes

Speedy quotes

Spellbinder quotes

Spellbound quotes
Eight teenagers try to win the prestigious title that is Spelling Bee...
Spencers Mountain quotes

Sphere quotes

Sphinx quotes

Spice World quotes

Spider-Man quotes

Spider-Man 2 quotes
Sequel in the Spiderman series, turning the comic book cult figure once again...
Spiders quotes

Spies quotes

Spies Like Us quotes

Spike Of Bensonhurst quotes

Spin Out quotes

Spinal Tap quotes

Spiral Staircase quotes

Spirit Of St Louis quotes

Spirit Of The Beehive quotes

Spirits Of The Dead quotes

Spitfire quotes

Spitting Image quotes
Side-splittingly funny impressions show using rubber puppets.
Splash quotes

Splendor quotes

Splendor In The Grass quotes

Split Decisions quotes

Split Image quotes

Split Second quotes

Splitting Heirs quotes

Spook Busters quotes

Spooks Run Wild quotes

Spring Break quotes

Spring Time In The Rockies quotes

Springfield Rifle quotes

Spy Game quotes
As the tagline sums it up: " It's not how you play the game. It's how the game...
Spy Hard quotes

Spy Kids quotes

Spy Who Loved Me quotes

Square Dance quotes

Squeeze quotes

Squirm quotes

St Elmos Fire quotes

St Ives quotes

St Valentine's Day Massacre quotes

Stage Door quotes

Stage Fright quotes

Stage To Thunder Rock quotes

Stagecoach quotes

Stagedoor Canteen quotes

Stairway To Heaven quotes

Stalag 17 quotes

Stalin quotes

Stalker quotes

Stalking Moon quotes

Stand And Deliver quotes

Stand By Me quotes
Forgettable story about a writer who has a friend that dies, and then recounts...
Stand Up And Be Counted quotes

Stand Up And Cheer quotes

Stand Up Virgin Soldiers quotes

Stand-In quotes

Stanley & Iris quotes

Stanley And Livingstone quotes

Star quotes

Star 80 quotes

Star Is Born quotes

Star Of Midnight quotes

Star Spangled Girl quotes

Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country quotes

Star Trek First Contact quotes

Star Trek Generations quotes

Star Trek Insurrection quotes

Star Trek Iv: The Voyage Home quotes

Star Trek The Final Frontier quotes
This one is actually directed by William Shatner, and is about the half brother...
Star Trek The Motion Picture quotes

Star Trek The Search For Spock quotes

Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan quotes

Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country quotes

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope quotes
The first of the classic Star Wars films made by George Lucas. Had enjoyed...
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back quotes
The second of the classic Star Wars films made by George Lucas. Follows on...
Star Wars Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi quotes
The third and final of the classic Star Wars films made by George Lucas. This...
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace quotes
First in the series, sets the scene and tells the tale of Anakin Skywalker and...
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones quotes
Second in the series of six, the continued saga about the ultimate battle of...
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith quotes
The last of the three prequels, and easily the best of the three. Some great...
Starcrash quotes

Stardust Memories quotes

Stargate quotes
This will takes you quite literally a million light years from home. Give or...
Starlight Hotel quotes

Starman quotes

Stars And Bars quotes

Stars And Stripes Forever quotes

Stars In My Crown quotes

Starship Troopers quotes

Starting Over quotes

State Fair quotes

State Of Grace quotes

State Of The Union quotes

Station West quotes

Stay quotes

Stay Alive quotes

Stay As You Are quotes

Stay Hungry quotes

Staying Alive quotes

Stealing Home quotes

Stealth quotes

Steamboat Bill Jr quotes

Steel quotes

Steel Dawn quotes

Steel Magnolias quotes

Steelyard Blues quotes

Stella quotes

Stella Dallas quotes

Step Lively quotes

Step Up quotes

Stepmom quotes

Stepping Out quotes

Stick quotes

Stick It quotes

Sticky Fingers quotes

Stigmata quotes

Still Crazy quotes

Still Of The Night quotes

Sting quotes

Stir Crazy quotes

Stir Of Echoes quotes

Stolen Hours quotes

Stolen Kisses quotes

Stop Making Sense quotes

Stopover Tokyo quotes

Storm Over Asia quotes

Stormy Monday quotes

Stormy Weather quotes

Story Of Gi Joe quotes

Story Of Qiu Ju quotes

Story Of Ruth quotes

Storyville quotes

Stowaway quotes

Straight Jacket quotes

Straight No Chaser quotes

Straight Talk quotes

Straight Time quotes

Strange Bedfellows quotes

Strange Brew quotes

Strange Cargo quotes

Strange Days quotes

Strange Interlude quotes

Stranger Than Fiction quotes

Stranger Than Paradise quotes
About a New York man and a strange situation that occurs, hence the title...
Stranger Wore A Gun quotes

Strangers On A Train quotes
Two men come up, as you do, with a murder plot, one thinks it's just harmless...
Strangers When We Meet quotes

Strangers With Candy quotes

Strangler quotes

Strapless quotes

Strategia Del Ragno quotes

Strategic Air Command quotes

Straw Dogs quotes

Strawberry Blonde quotes

Street Smart quotes

Streetcar Named Desire quotes

Streets Of Fire quotes

Streets Of Gold quotes

Streetwise quotes

Strictly Ballroom quotes

Strike quotes

Strike Force quotes

Strike Up The Band quotes

Striking Distance quotes

Stripes quotes
Story of Michael and Eddie...
Striptease quotes

Stroker Ace quotes

Stromboli quotes

Stryker quotes

Stuart Little quotes

Student Prince quotes

Stunt Man quotes

Subterfuge quotes

Suburban Commando quotes

Suburbia quotes

Subway quotes

Success Is The Best Revenge quotes

Sudden Death quotes

Sudden Fear quotes

Sudden Impact quotes
A rape victim gets revenge and this is the story of the case and what...
Sudden Terror quotes

Suddenly Last Summer quotes

Sugar Hill quotes

Sugarbaby quotes

Sugarland Express quotes

Suicide Club quotes

Sullivan's Empire quotes

Sullivan's Travels quotes

Summer And Smoke quotes

Summer Heat quotes

Summer Holiday quotes

Summer Lovers quotes

Summer Of Sam quotes

Summer Rental quotes

Summer School quotes

Summer Stock quotes

Summer Story quotes

Summer Wishes Winterdreams quotes

Summerplace quotes

Summertime quotes

Sun Shines Bright quotes

Sun Valley Serenade quotes

Sunday Bloody Sunday quotes

Sunday In The Country quotes

Sundown quotes

Sundowners quotes

Sunny Side Up quotes

Sunrise quotes

Sunset Blvd quotes
Joe Gillis hides in the garage of a mansion...
Sunset Boulevard quotes

Sunset Grill quotes

Sunset Limousine quotes

Sunset Park quotes

Sunshine quotes

Sunshine Boys quotes

Sunstroke quotes

Super Cops quotes

Super Mario Brothers quotes

Super Size Me quotes

Super Troopers quotes
Troopers try to save their jobs... the tagline? Altered State Police
Supercross quotes

Superfly quotes

Superfly TNT quotes

Supergirl quotes

Superman quotes
The classic Superman story we all know and probably don't love: alien orphan...
Superman Returns quotes

Superman The Movie quotes

Supernatural quotes

Supersnooper quotes

Supervixens quotes

Support Your Local Sheriff quotes

Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came quotes

Surf Ninjas quotes

Surrogate quotes

Susan And God quotes

Susan Slept Here quotes

Suspect quotes

Suspicion quotes

Suspiria quotes

Suture quotes

Suzy quotes

Svengali quotes

Swamp Fire quotes

Swamp Thing quotes

Swashbuckler quotes

SWAT quotes

Sweet Adeline quotes

Sweet Bird Of Youth quotes

Sweet Charity quotes

Sweet Dreams quotes

Sweet Hearts Dance quotes

Sweet Hereafter quotes

Sweet Land quotes

Sweet Movie quotes

Sweet Nothing quotes

Sweet November quotes

Sweet Poison quotes

Sweet Revenge quotes

Sweet Smell Of Success quotes

Sweet Sweetback's Bad Asssss Song quotes

Sweethearts quotes

Swept Away quotes

Swimmer quotes

Swimming To Cambodia quotes

Swimming With Sharks quotes

Swing Shift quotes

Swing Time quotes

Swingers quotes
This is probably the most descriptive title for a film there has been, you can...
Swiss Conspiracy quotes

Swiss Family Robinson quotes

Swiss Miss quotes

Switch quotes

Switched At Birth quotes

Switching Channels quotes

Sword And The Stone quotes

Swordfish quotes
Not very memorable film (I saw it and can't really remember what happened). ...
Sybil quotes

Sylvester quotes

Sylvia Scarlett quotes

Sympathy For The Devil quotes

Syriana quotes
An epic story about the oil industry... Yes it might not sound that great...
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