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Star Wars Trivia
Let's start off with some interesting pieces of Star Wars trivia!

Alec Guinness nearly didn't get the role of Obi Wan Kenobi but instead it almost went to Peter Cushing. The success of the film was such and Guinness' career so varied and full of other great material, that he often got frustrated in later life when people simply talked about his Star Wars role.

There was an unwritten rule with Autograph hunters that if you wanted to get his autograph, never ever mention Star Wars when writing a letter to him but instead talk about his wonderful performances in his other works!

George Lucas toyed with the idea of Luke Skywalker being a dwarf for apparently a considerable time.

The Matrix Trivia

He might have regretted it when he saw what a big hit the film was, but Ewan McGregor had first refusal on the role of Neo. He turned it down, and the Matrix went on to be a massive hit with Keanu Reeves in the lead role. Rumour has it that even Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the role, which it turned out suited Keanu perfectly much better than the other two.

More Trivia

Do you want to know what was the most expensive movie ever? Well it is hard to tell with inflation values for past movies and those made in different countries and so on. However apparently the Cleopatra movie was the most expensive movie made up until the start of 2006 - has anything overtaken it since then? Let us know!

How about the highest grossing movie ever? The answer is Titanic, the film that everyone has seen, or been taken to see, several times!

Know some interesting piece of movie trivia that you would like to share? Tell us about it and if we like it we'll add it to the site and if you like, credit you as the provider of the information.
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