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Gable And Lombard quotes

Gaby quotes

Galaxina quotes

Galaxy Of Terror quotes

Galaxy Quest quotes

Gallant Hours quotes

Gallipoli quotes

Gambit quotes

Gambler quotes

Game Of Death quotes

Games quotes

Gandhi quotes
Great biography of the amazing man.
Gang Busters quotes

Gangs Of New York quotes

Garbo Talks quotes

Garden Of The Finzi-Continis quotes

Garden State quotes
Having been detached from his family for a year, a young man returns home for...
Garfield quotes

Garfield A Tail Of Two Kitties quotes

Gaslight quotes

Gate Of Hell quotes

Gates Of Heaven quotes
A pet cemetary in California. Could it be anymore fascinating?
Gator quotes

Gattaca quotes

Gay Purr-Ee quotes

Gazebo quotes

Gemini quotes

General quotes

Genevieve quotes

Gentle Giant quotes

Gentleman Jim quotes

Gentlemans Agreement quotes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes quotes

George A Romero's Land Of The Dead quotes

George Of The Jungle quotes

George Washington Slept Here quotes

Georgy Girl quotes

Geronimo quotes

Gertrud quotes

Get Carter quotes
Remake of the classic 1971 film...
Get Crazy quotes

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' quotes

Get Shorty quotes
A mobster goes to Hollywood to collect a debt. Guess what happens next...
Get Smart Again quotes

Getting Straight quotes

Gettysburg quotes

Ghost quotes

Ghost And The Darkness quotes

Ghost Chasers quotes

Ghost In The Machine quotes

Ghost Story quotes

Ghost World quotes

Ghostbusters quotes
Classic spooky ghost film, that proved an instant hit and has subsequently been...
Ghostbusters 2 quotes

Ghosts On The Loose quotes

GI Blues quotes

Gia quotes

Giant quotes

Gidget quotes

Gidget Goes To Rome quotes

Gigi quotes

Gilda quotes

Gimme Shelter quotes

Girl Crazy quotes

Girl Friend quotes

Girl From Petrovka quotes

Girl Happy quotes

Girl Interrupted quotes

Girl On A Motorcycle quotes

Girl Rush quotes

Girl Shy quotes

Girl, Interrupted quotes

Girls Girls Girls quotes

Girls Town quotes

Give Me A Sailor quotes

Gladiator quotes
Good film by Ridley Scott, which follows the life of a Roman gladiator and the...
Glass Bottom Boat quotes

Glitch quotes

Glitz quotes

Global Affair quotes

Gloria quotes

Glory quotes

Glory Guys quotes

Glory Road quotes

Glory Stompers quotes

Go For Broke quotes

Go For It quotes

Go Johnny Go quotes

Go Now quotes

Go Tell It On The Mountain quotes

Go Tell The Spartans quotes

Go West quotes

Go West Young Man quotes

Goal The Dream Begins quotes

God Bless The Child quotes

God's Little Acre quotes

Gods And Monsters quotes

Gods Country quotes

Gods Must Be Crazy 2 quotes

Godspell quotes

Godzilla quotes

Godzilla Vs Mothra quotes

Gog quotes

Gohato quotes

Goin To Town quotes

Goin' South quotes

Going Berserk quotes

Going Hollywood quotes

Going Home quotes

Going In Style quotes

Going My Way quotes

Gold Diggers Of 1933 quotes

Gold Rush quotes

Golden Boy quotes

Golden Child quotes

Golden Earrings quotes

Golden Gate quotes

Golden Girl quotes

Golden Rendez Vous quotes

Goldeneye quotes

Goldfinger quotes

Goliath Awaits quotes

Gone Fishin' quotes

Gone In 60 Seconds quotes

Gone In Sixty Seconds quotes

Gone With The Wind quotes
One of the most enduring films of all time, based on Margaret Mitchell's first...
Good Bad And The Ugly quotes

Good Boy quotes

Good Day For A Hanging quotes

Good Earth quotes

Good Father quotes

Good Guys And The Bad Guys quotes

Good Men Good Women quotes

Good Morning Vietnam quotes

Good Mother quotes

Good News quotes

Good Night And Good Luck quotes

Good Sam quotes

Good Times quotes

Good Will Hunting quotes
A janitor with a gift for Maths gets psychiatric help...
Goodbye Again quotes

Goodbye Charlie quotes

Goodbye Columbus quotes

Goodbye Girl quotes

Goodbye Lover quotes

Goodbye Miss 4Th Of July quotes

Goodbye Mr Chips quotes

Goodbye Norma Jean quotes

Goodbye Pork Pie quotes

Goodfellas quotes
Henry Hill goes up the mob ladder...
Goofy quotes

Gorgon quotes

Gorillas In The Mist quotes

Gorky Park quotes

Gospel According To St Matthew quotes

Gossip quotes

Gotcha quotes

Gotham quotes

Gothic quotes

Goto quotes

Grace Of My Heart quotes

Grad Night quotes

Graduate quotes

Graffiti Bridge quotes

Grand Canyon quotes

Grand Hotel quotes

Grand Illusion quotes

Grand Isle quotes

Grand Theft Auto quotes

Grand-Prix quotes

Grandma's Boy quotes

Grange Hill quotes
Popular childrens TV show about a school.
Grapes Of Wrath quotes

Grass Is Greener quotes

Graveyard Shift quotes

Grease quotes
Enjoyable and classic musical, featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
Grease 2 quotes

Greased Lightning quotes

Great Balls Of Fire quotes

Great Chase quotes

Great Dictator quotes

Great Escape quotes

Great Escape 2 quotes

Great Expectations quotes
Modern version of the Charles Dickens classic
Great Guns quotes

Great Guy quotes

Great Mouse Detective quotes

Great Outdoors quotes

Great Santini quotes

Great Train Robbery quotes

Great Waldo Pepper quotes

Great Waltz quotes

Great War quotes

Great White Hope quotes

Great Ziegfeld quotes

Greatest Show On Earth quotes

Greed quotes

Greek Tycoon quotes

Green Card quotes

Green Dolphin Street quotes

Green Eyes quotes

Green Fields quotes

Green Fire quotes

Green For Danger quotes
Set in a hospital in World Ward II, a postman is killed.. the setting is rural...
Green Ice quotes

Green Mile quotes

Greetings quotes

Gregory's Girl quotes

Gremlins quotes

Gremlins 2 The New Batch quotes

Grey Fox quotes

Grey Owl quotes

Greystoke The Legend Of Tarzan quotes

Gridiron Gang quotes

Grifters quotes

Grisbi quotes

Grissom Gang quotes

Grizzly quotes

Grizzly Man quotes

Gross Anatomy quotes

Grosse Point Blank quotes

Ground Force quotes
British gardening program, where experts give a garden a makeover against a...
Ground Zero quotes

Groundhog Day quotes
A weatherman relives the worst day of his life... until he becomes a nicer...
Group quotes

Group Portrait With Lady quotes

Grumpier Old Men quotes

Grumpy Old Men quotes

Guadalcanal Diary quotes

Guadalupe quotes

Guardian quotes

Guardian Angel quotes

Guarding Tess quotes

Guess Who quotes

Guess Whos Coming To Dinner quotes

Guilty As Sin quotes

Guinevere quotes

Gulag quotes

Gulliver's Travels quotes

Gumball Rally quotes

Gumshoe quotes

Gun Crazy quotes

Gun Fury quotes

Gun Glory quotes

Gun Moll quotes

Gun Shy quotes

Gunfight At The Ok Corral quotes

Gunfight In Abilene quotes

Gunfire quotes

Gung Ho quotes

Gunga Din quotes

Gunman's Walk quotes

Gunpoint quotes

Guns At Batasi quotes

Guns Of Navarone quotes

Guys And Dolls quotes

Gymkata quotes

Gypsy quotes

Gypsy Moths quotes

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