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O Brother Where Art Thou quotes
Film about three convicts on the run, looking for treasure. Strange film that...
O Convento quotes

O Gladiatiorerna quotes

O Lucky Man quotes

O Pasado E O Presente quotes

Objective Burma quotes

Obsession quotes

Ocean's 11 quotes

Oceans Eleven quotes
Danny and his ten chums intend to rob some casinos...
Oceans Twelve quotes
More major heists in the sequel to Oceans Eleven.
Octagon quotes

October quotes

October Sky quotes

Octopussy quotes

Odd Birds quotes

Odd Couple quotes

Odd Jobs quotes

Odd Man Out quotes

Odds Against Tomorrow quotes

Odds And Evens quotes

Of Human Bondage quotes

Of Human Hearts quotes

Of Love And Desire quotes

Of Mice And Men quotes

Of Unknown Origin quotes

Off quotes

Off Beat quotes

Off Limits quotes

Off The Wall quotes

Office Space quotes

Officer And Gentleman quotes

Official Story quotes

Offspring quotes

Oh God quotes

Oh God You Devil quotes

Oh Heavenly Dog quotes

Oklahoma quotes

Oklahoma Annie quotes

Oklahoma Crude quotes

Oklahoman quotes

Old Boyfriends quotes

Old Dark House quotes

Old Explorers quotes

Old Gringo quotes

Old Ironsides quotes

Old School quotes
Three guys try to get back to the glory of their college days...
Old Well quotes

Old Yeller quotes

Oldboy quotes
Dark and violent movie, but funny at the same time. Great film.

Oliver quotes

Oliver Twist quotes

Oliver's Story quotes

Omega Man quotes

Omen quotes

Omen Iv The Awakening quotes

Omkara quotes

On An Island With You quotes

On Any Sunday II quotes

On Borrowed Time quotes

On Dangerous Ground quotes

On Deadly Ground quotes

On Golden Pond quotes

On Her Majestys Secret Service quotes
Classic James Bond film... starring Blofeld
On Moonlight Bay quotes

On The Avenue quotes

On The Beach quotes

On The Beat quotes

On The Edge quotes

On The Right Track quotes

On The Town quotes

On The Waterfront quotes

On Valentines Day quotes

Once A Thief quotes

Once Around quotes

Once Before I Die quotes

Once Bitten quotes

Once Upon A Time quotes

Once Upon A Time In America quotes
A Jewish gangster comes face to face with his past live, thirty years on.
Once Upon A Time In The West quotes

Once Were Warriors quotes

One Body Too Many quotes

One Crazy Summer quotes

One False Move quotes

One Fine Day quotes

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest quotes
A story about mental institutions patients and a sinister nurse.
One From The Heart quotes

One Good Cop quotes

One Hour Photo quotes

One In A Million quotes

One Little Indian quotes

One Magic Christmas quotes

One Mans War quotes

One Million BC quotes

One Million Years BC quotes

One Minute To Zero quotes

One More Train To Rob quotes

One Night Of Love quotes

One Night Stand quotes

One Night With The King quotes

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing quotes

One On One quotes

One Trick Pony quotes

One True Thing quotes

One Two Three quotes

One-Eyed Jacks quotes

Onegin quotes

Ong Bak The Thai Warrior quotes

Onion Field quotes

Only Angels Have Wings quotes

Only Fools And Horses quotes
Superb comedy show featuring David Jason as Del Boy, the original wheeler...
Only The Lonely quotes

Only The Valiant quotes

Only Two Can Play quotes

Only When I Laugh quotes

Only You quotes

Open City quotes

Open Doors quotes

Open Range quotes
A former gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew...
Open Season quotes

Opening Night quotes

Operation Condor quotes

Operation Crossbow quotes

Operation Dames quotes

Operation Daybreak quotes

Operation Dumbo Drop quotes

Operation Pacific quotes

Operation Petticoat quotes

Opportunity Knocks quotes

Opposing Force quotes

Orange County quotes

Ordeal By Innocence quotes

Ordet quotes

Ordinary Decent Criminal quotes

Ordinary People quotes

Original Sin quotes

Orlando quotes

Orphan Train quotes

Orphans quotes

Orpheus quotes

Os Canibais quotes

Oscar quotes

Oscar And Lucinda quotes

Osmosis Jones quotes
Story about the inside of a man's body, the man catching a cold. Hmm...
Ossessione quotes

Osterman Weekend quotes

Othello quotes

Other People's Money quotes

Other Sister quotes

Our Hospitality quotes

Our Little Girl quotes

Our Man Flint quotes

Our Relations quotes

Our Town quotes

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes quotes

Out Cold quotes

Out For Justice quotes

Out Of Africa quotes

Out Of Season quotes

Out Of Sight quotes
A career bank robber breaks out of jail and shares a moment of mutual...
Out Of The Blue quotes

Out Of The Darkness quotes

Out Of The Past quotes

Out Of Time quotes

Out On A Limb quotes

Out One quotes

Out To Sea quotes

Out-Of-Towners quotes

Outback quotes

Outbreak quotes

Outland quotes

Outlaw Blues quotes

Outlaw Josey Wales quotes

Outrage quotes

Outrageous quotes

Outrageous Fortune quotes

Outside The Law quotes

Outsiders quotes

Over The Brooklyn Bridge quotes

Over The Edge quotes

Over The Hedge quotes

Over The Top quotes

Overboard quotes

Ox-Bow Incident quotes

Oxford Blues quotes

Oyster Princess quotes

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