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K-PAX quotes
A mental hospital patient claims to be from a planet way out in space -...
Kafka quotes

Kagemusha quotes

Kalifornia quotes

Kama Sutra quotes

Kanal quotes

Kangaroo quotes

Kansas City quotes

Kansas City Confidential quotes

Karate Kid quotes

Karate Kid Part 2 quotes

Keep Em Flying quotes

Keep The Change quotes

Keeper Of The City quotes

Keeper Of The Flame quotes

Keeping Mum quotes

Keeping The Faith quotes

Keeping Up With The Steins quotes

Kellys Heroes quotes

Kent State quotes

Kentuckian quotes

Kentucky Fried Movie quotes

Kes quotes

Key quotes

Key Exchange quotes

Key Largo quotes
A gangster is in charge of a hotel...
Key To The City quotes

Keys Of The Kingdom quotes

Keys To Tulsa quotes

Khartoum quotes

Kicking And Screaming quotes

Kid Brother quotes

Kid Galahad quotes

Kidnapped quotes

Kids quotes

Kids Are Alright quotes

Kill A Dragon quotes

Kill Bill quotes

Kill Bill Vol 1 quotes
Classic Tarantino, well written with clever use of sound and music,...
Kill Bill Vol 2 quotes
Anti-climactic but very artistic sequel to Kill Bill 1. This finishes...
Kill Charley Varrick quotes

Kill Point quotes

Killer quotes

Killer Elite quotes

Killer Insinct quotes

Killer's Kiss quotes

Killer's Moon quotes

Killers quotes

Killing Fields quotes

Killing Of Satan quotes

Killing Zoe quotes

Kim quotes

Kind Hearts And Coronets quotes

Kindergarten Cop quotes

King And Country quotes

King And Four Queens quotes

King And I quotes

King Cobra quotes

King Creole quotes

King David quotes

King In New York quotes

King Is Dancing quotes

King Kong quotes
As made famous by the game, this is a fantasy thriller about the King Kong...
King Lear quotes

King Of Comedy quotes

King Of Hearts quotes

King Of Kings quotes

King Of Marvin Gardens quotes

King Of New York quotes

King Of The Gypsies quotes

King Of The Hill quotes

King Of The Roaring 20's quotes

King Of The Wild Stallions quotes

King Rat quotes

King Solomon's Mines quotes

King's Ransom quotes

King's Row quotes

Kingdom quotes

Kingdom Of Heaven quotes
Balian of Ibelin becomes defender of the city of Jerusalem. As you do.
Kingdom Of The Spiders quotes

Kingpin quotes

Kings Go Forth quotes

Kinjite Forbidden Subjects quotes

Kinky Boots quotes

Kinsey quotes
Looks at the life of Alfred Kinsey.
Kismet quotes

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang quotes

Kiss Me Deadly quotes

Kiss Me Goodbye quotes

Kiss Me Kate quotes

Kiss Me Stupid quotes

Kiss Of Death quotes

Kiss Of The Dragon quotes

Kiss Of The Spider Woman quotes

Kiss Of The Vampire quotes

Kiss The Girls quotes

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye quotes
A violent prison outbreak followed by corruption being rife...
Kisses For My President quotes

Kissin' Cousins quotes

Kitty Foyle quotes

Klute quotes

Knife In The Water quotes

Knight Moves quotes

Knights Of The Round Table quotes

Knock On Any Door quotes

Knock On Wood quotes

Knute Rockne All American quotes

Kolya quotes

Kotch quotes

Kramer Vs Kramer quotes

Kronos quotes

Krull quotes

Kuffs quotes

Kung Fu quotes

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