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Movie: Oceans Eleven

Movie Genre: Comedy movie

Year Movie Released: 2001

About Oceans Eleven: Danny and his ten chums intend to rob some casinos...

Quotes from Oceans Eleven:

You remember the day I went out for cigarettes and didn't come back? You must have noticed!
- Danny
Oceans Eleven Quote

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Film Reviews

Enertaining. Witty. Classic. I usually don't find those three defining qualities in a modern film. However, I was pleasently surprised by the crime -caper Ocean's Eleven, a notable remake almost drowned in a mire of shallow films. Ocean's Eleven stands out as a movie having thought, time, and effort put into its' plot and script. Besides being well developed, Steven Soderbergh and crew have created a film that will stand the test of time. Even now Ocean's Eleven has remained in the top one hundred movies on the "All Time Domestic Box Office" list. That's because the general public wants to see a film with marked intelligence and humor. Humor. Ah yes, not that dirty, potty joke humor found in most movies (Adam Sandler anyone?), but clean,rollicking fun. Combine that with a detailed plot, an unforgettable climax, and a memorable A-list cast. Are you in or out?

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