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Movie: The Matrix

Movie Genre: Action movie

Year Movie Released: 1999

About The Matrix: Neo, a computer hacker, realises reality is not all it seems, and gets sucked into the murky world of The Matrix.

Quotes from The Matrix:

What is the Matrix?
- Neo played by actor Keanu Reeves
The Matrix Quote | Keanu Reeves quotes

Follow the white rabbit....
- The White Rabbit Girl played by actor Ada Nicodemou
The Matrix Quote

Do you believe my being stronger or faster, has anything to do with my muscles, in this place?
- Morpheus played by actor Laurence Fishburne
The Matrix Quote

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Film Reviews

My favourite film is The Matrix.It has stunning effects,a really involving plot line and some truely memorable quotes...yes people did leave the cinema pretending to be agent smith ect.I think the whole plot was very cleaverly thought out and you can go as deep into the meanings and references that all lead to real life information from things or u can just watch the action and leave it at that.

There are so many reasons to love The Matrix, ranging from the philosophical undertones, the fact it makes you think & question things, the excellent action sequences, amazing cinematography, or if all else fails the fact you can see Keanu all in black (yum!)

It's different from anything else, with innovative special effects that look as good today as they did when it was first released. It is a top class film!

New inovative use of slow-motion bullet dodging cinematography and great kick-ass moves.

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Average rating for this film is 5 out of 5
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