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A Beautiful Mind
The life of an asocial mathematician, who saw the world in a unique way

A Clockwork Orange
The strange adventures of a young man. If you like Kubrick, you'll love this....

A Few Good Men
A lawyer defends some marines...

A Streetcar Named Desire
A fantastic, frank drama, the compelling tale of two unique sisters.

Film following the life of a Cockney man who is rather partial to the ladies.

All About Eve
It's all about women - and their men!

The story of Mozart.

Arty film following the life of Amelie Poulain

American Beauty
Enjoyable film about a man who turned his life around, featuring excellent...

American Psycho
Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis

Amores Perros
A car accident melds together the complex stories of characters experiencing a...

Apollo 13
Pretty descriptive name to this film - all about the Apollo 13 mission

Basic Instinct
Famous for one particular scene, this erotic drama brought Sharon Stone to...

Before Sunset
Great story with a really good ending, the tale nine years on of Jesse and...

Being John Malkovich
Clever film about a puppeteer who discovers how to get into the head of...

One of the classic films of all time, this is an epic tale featuring the chario...

Bonnie And Clyde
Crime drama about a bank-robbing couple.

Chariots Of Fire
The two British athletes in the 1924 Olympics...

Cinderella Man
Story about the folk hero Jim Braddock.

Coach Carter
Story centred around a controversial basketball coach.

Radio proof is received of intelligent life out there in the depths of outer...

Story about racism in the modern world.

Das Boot
Classic film about a German WWII warboat.

Dead Poets Society
The story of an English professor who makes the subject of poetry really come...

Doctor Zhivago
A Russian poet come doctor falls for an activist's wife. Sounds interesting...

A woman is on the run from a mob. Accepted into a small town, she agrees to...

Donne Darko
A highschool student commits violent acts.

Erin Brockovich
A single mother gets a job as a legal assisant and takes over a case...

Finding Forrester
A man stumbles across someone quite extraordinary...

Finding Neverland
This film is the story of J.M. Barrie's friendship with a family, which was the...

Forrest Gump
Tom Hanks plays the starring role in a story that proved surprisingly popular,...

Full Metal Jacket

Great biography of the amazing man.

Garden State
Having been detached from his family for a year, a young man returns home for...

Good Will Hunting
A janitor with a gift for Maths gets psychiatric help...

Great Expectations
Modern version of the Charles Dickens classic

Hotel Rwanda
The true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, who housed many refugees during their...

It's A Wonderful Life
Classic film about a man helped by an angel!

It's All Gone Pete Tong
Comedy trailing the life of Frankie Wilde

Archetypal shock movie, with Jaws the shark playing the starring role.

Kingdom Of Heaven
Balian of Ibelin becomes defender of the city of Jerusalem. As you do.

Looks at the life of Alfred Kinsey.

LA Confidential
Follows three LA cops, investigating a shooting.

An assassin takes a young girl under his wing...

Lost Highway
A musician decides his wife is having an affair, then is accused of murder,...

Story about a group of friends in Fernando Valley.

Clever film about a man suffering from short term memory loss.

In the future, humans are split in two groups...

Million Dollar Baby
A focussed woman tries to become a good boxer by training with a seasoned pro...

Mr Smith Goes To Washington
A man gets a job in the US Senate... corruption is hard to fight off...

Mystic River
Three men are reunited by tragic events.

Story about a TV company that tries to profit from a man's ravings...

Once Upon A Time In America
A Jewish gangster comes face to face with his past live, thirty years on.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
A story about mental institutions patients and a sinister nurse.

Paths Of Glory
Classic war film featuring WWI soldiers.

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Enjoyable film of pirates and maidens, featuring Johnny Depp as the lovable...

The dilemma facing a new recruit in Vietnam.

Raging Bull
Biography of the boxer, Jake LaMotta.

A woman marries a rather opulent widower...

Remember The Titans
A real life story with regard a coach and his high school team

Requiem For A Dream
Story about drug addiction, and the impact it has on the lives of four people.

Reversal Of Fortune
Is he innocent or guilty? Only Mr Derschowitz can get him off...

A reformed gambler has to actually return to the tables to help a friend pay...

Saving Private Ryan
American soldiers try to save their comrade, Private Ryan.

Shakespeare In Love
Engaging fantasy about the life of Shakespeare, and his romantic life with a...

Shall We Dance
A standard rom com in which a bored lawyer falls for his dance instructor.

Nomi becomes a dancer in Las Vegas, and makes sure she reaches the high...

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock star in the film that involves buses and bombs!

Spy Game
As the tagline sums it up: " It's not how you play the game. It's how the game...

Stand By Me
Forgettable story about a writer who has a friend that dies, and then recounts...

Strangers On A Train
Two men come up, as you do, with a murder plot, one thinks it's just harmless...

Story of Michael and Eddie...

Sunset Blvd
Joe Gillis hides in the garage of a mansion...

This is probably the most descriptive title for a film there has been, you can...

An epic story about the oil industry... Yes it might not sound that great...

Taxi Driver
A classic Scorsese and De Niro film, about a twisted taxi driver who is...

The Addams Family
Adapted from the classic TV show.

The African Queen
The story of two companions with different personalities, who develop a love...

The American President
Film looking at the life of a widowed present.

The Aviator
This drama is centred on the early years of Howard Hughes.

The Big Lebowski
A classic Coen brother film, about drugs and a chaotic lifestyle

The Bridge On The River Kwai
Epic World War II action adventure.

The Day After Tomorrow
Global warming hits with a vengeance, and a scientist has to try to find out...

The English Patient
A young nurse looks after a WWII plane crash victim. Flashbacks ensue...

The Godfather Part II
The story continues, following the sage of a Mafia family.

The Green Mile
Guards on death row...

The Hustler
A pool player gets into a game with high stakes...

The Passion Of Christ
Mel Gibson's controversial film, documenting the end of Christ's life.

The Pianist
Story of a musician in World War II.

The Shawshank Redemption
Follows the life of the fictional Andy Dufresne.

The Sixth Sense
A spooky story of a boy who communicates with the spirit world.

The Station Agent
When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey...

The Truman Show
Clever film, which tells the tale of a man whose entire life has been a TV...

To Kill A Mockingbird
Adaptation of the Harpee Lee novel.

Classic film, following the Edinburgh drug scene.

Follows the troubles of a detective in San Fran.

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
A fun night for two professors turns into something of a nightmare.

Wuthering Heights
Screen adaptation of Emily Bronte's 1847 romantic Victorian novel.

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