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Blade II
Blade gets in cahoots with the vampire council... hmm...

Con Air
Nicolas Cage stars in this popular action film...

Another superhero tale, this guy was blinded by toxic waste which strangely...

Die Hard
American cop, John McClane (Bruce Willis) decides its payback time with regard...

Dr Strangelove
A mad general raises the spectre of muclear holocaust...

A crime that goes wrong.

Hide And Seek
A tale of grief and an imaginary friend... pretty average stuff.

High Noon
A classic western!

King Kong
As made famous by the game, this is a fantasy thriller about the King Kong...

Pitch Black
Space travellers are trying their best to survive... poor them...

Rear Window
A photographer spies on his neighbour...

Disturbing drama about the cops chasing a serial killer who kills in accordance...

Sin City
Adaptation of the Frank Miller story of the made up town Sin City.

So I Married An Axe Murderer
Story of a poet in San Fran who fears commitment. Just an ordinary Joe then,...

The Crow
A man who was killed in a brutal manner comes back to life... uh oh...

The Usual Suspects
Classic film about five villains in New York. Recommended viewing.

Twelve Monkeys
A convict is sent back in time, but things don't quite go according to plan...

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