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Apollo 13
Pretty descriptive name to this film - all about the Apollo 13 mission

Batman Forever
Batman takes on Two-Face and The Riddler

The story of William Wallace

Classic teen lifestyle parody movie

Crimson Tide
A mutiny on a nuclear missile submarine. Not really the best situation is it?

Get Shorty
A mobster goes to Hollywood to collect a debt. Guess what happens next...

A classic crime saga... set in LA...

Two friends are given the flick by their girlfriends at the same time. So they...

The romantic story that is Pocahontas told in this fun animation...

Disturbing drama about the cops chasing a serial killer who kills in accordance...

Nomi becomes a dancer in Las Vegas, and makes sure she reaches the high...

The American President
Film looking at the life of a widowed present.

The Net
Story about a software expert who is addicted to the internet...

The Usual Suspects
Classic film about five villains in New York. Recommended viewing.

Toy Story
The first of the classic computer animation films, tells the engaging story of...

Twelve Monkeys
A convict is sent back in time, but things don't quite go according to plan...

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