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A Bugs Life
The tale of a misfit ant...

American History X
Story about Norton, a former neo-nazi

Classic animated cartoon fun with antz and the saga of being one of the little...

Doctor Dolittle
The classic story of the doctor who can listen to what animals are saying......

Enemy Of The State
Lawyer... corrupt politicians... crime... the usual

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
A very strange couple travel to Las Vegas and strange things seem to happen...

Great Expectations
Modern version of the Charles Dickens classic

Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
Very good film about four working class men who play poker, lose a lot of money...

Fun animation about a Chinese girl who becomes one of China's greatest heroes

Out Of Sight
A career bank robber breaks out of jail and shares a moment of mutual...

The universal patterns of nature and a number....

Two young people find themselves in a 1950's sitcom - as you do of course -...

A reformed gambler has to actually return to the tables to help a friend pay...

The king of a school named Rushmore is on something akin to probation...

Saving Private Ryan
American soldiers try to save their comrade, Private Ryan.

Shakespeare In Love
Engaging fantasy about the life of Shakespeare, and his romantic life with a...

SLC Punk!
About two punks living in the ultra conservative area that is salt lake city

The Big Lebowski
A classic Coen brother film, about drugs and a chaotic lifestyle

The Mask Of Zorro
Zorro (old) trains Zorro (new), in order to fight an enemy. It's all in the...

The Prince Of Egypt
An Egyptian prince realises his true identity...

The Truman Show
Clever film, which tells the tale of a man whose entire life has been a TV...

There's Something About Mary
Starring Cameron Diaz as Mary, the woman that all the world's misfits want to...

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