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American Psycho
Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis

Amores Perros
A car accident melds together the complex stories of characters experiencing a...

Bring It On
The sagas of a high school cheerleading team. Original then.

Dude, Wheres My Car?
Amusing comedic aboke two potheads and what happens after a night of...

Erin Brockovich
A single mother gets a job as a legal assisant and takes over a case...

Finding Forrester
A man stumbles across someone quite extraordinary...

Get Carter
Remake of the classic 1971 film...

Good film by Ridley Scott, which follows the life of a Roman gladiator and the...

High Fidelity
A record store owner lists his top five breakups to date...

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!
The miserable old Grinch spoils Christmas...

Clever film about a man suffering from short term memory loss.

Miss Congeniality
Fun comedy featuring an FBI agent going undercover in a beauty contest. As you...

O Brother Where Art Thou
Film about three convicts on the run, looking for treasure. Strange film that...

Pitch Black
Space travellers are trying their best to survive... poor them...

Remember The Titans
A real life story with regard a coach and his high school team

Requiem For A Dream
Story about drug addiction, and the impact it has on the lives of four people.

Romeo Must Die
Film about a cop who looks out for his brother's killer...

Funny Guy Ritchie moving about some dodgy boxing promoters and amateur robbers....

The Perfect Storm
Very expensive film that certainly didn't go down a storm - all about very bad...

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