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American Beauty
Enjoyable film about a man who turned his life around, featuring excellent...

American Pie
Hilarious comedy, following the sad life of social misfit Jim. Four teenage...

Being John Malkovich
Clever film about a puppeteer who discovers how to get into the head of...

Better Than Chocolate
A story about two attractive young lesbians...

Cruel Intentions
A film all about seduction and sexual tension. Makes for a good movie,...

Two renegade angels are causing a bit of a stir down on earth...

Fight Club
As the name implies, a film about the underground boxing circuit.

Story about a group of friends in Fernando Valley.

Mystery Men
Useless superheroes have to save a city from destruction. Hands up if the plot...

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
First in the series, sets the scene and tells the tale of Anakin Skywalker and...

The Green Mile
Guards on death row...

The Matrix
Neo, a computer hacker, realises reality is not all it seems, and gets sucked...

The Mummy
An American on an archaeological dig encounters more than he bargained for...

The Sixth Sense
A spooky story of a boy who communicates with the spirit world.

Toy Story 2
More fun capers with the animated toys...

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